Iowa Cows: First, It’s Beautiful

You won’t believe it, but cows can be raised not for meat and milk, but just for the sake of beauty. The birthplace of such glamorous pets has become the American state of Iowa, where twenty years ago it was proposed to the world new breed – fluffy (or plush) cows.

A plush cow is first of all a valuable and very beautiful fur: dense hair grows not only on the body, but also on their feet. They come in different colors, but are good in any way. Horns There are no “goodies” at all, and the udder can hardly be considered. These are exclusively decorative pets.

The breed is considered hybrid and therefore still has not recognized, but its representatives are expensive. The price of fluffy the calf starts at five thousand dollars, and very beautiful babies sold and ten times more expensive.

Plush Calf

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