Interesting facts about rabbits

Rabbits exist in various shapes, colors and sizes. In all there are over 150 recognized rabbit breeds in the world, many of which have become popular as pets. For the last for several decades, rabbits have taken their high place as some of the best pets, and there are several reasons for this – they are smart, friendly and cheerful. Below we have collected entertaining and interesting facts about rabbits, reading which you might change your point of view about these cute animals.

Interesting facts about rabbits

  • Domestic rabbits are descendants of the European rabbit
  • Some breeds can breed very early – at the age of 3 months
  • Pregnancy in rabbits is only 30 days
  • Rabbits from one mother are called “litter”
  • Rabbits are born without fur
  • Domestic rabbits are born with their eyes closed
  • The largest registered litter was 24 rabbits
  • Rabbit’s teeth grow constantly throughout life.
  • When rabbits make purring sounds in fact, they grit their teeth
  • When it’s hot, rabbits sweat through the pads on their feet
  • The spine of rabbits is very fragile – in this regard, handle they should be very carefully and never allowed to fell on your back
  • Rabbits have 5 toes on their front legs and 4 on their hind legs.
  • Rabbits are usually more active in the early morning and evening.
  • The longest recorded rabbit ears had a whopping length over 75 centimeters!
  • The heaviest rabbits weigh more than 25 kg!
  • Rabbits are not rodents
  • Rabbits are very flexible – they are champions of dexterity, and a record they have 3m long jumps and 1 meter high
  • Rabbits in Europe have become the most popular pets after cats and dogs

Facts About Domestic Rabbits

Rabbits become great and beloved pets. Recently, more and more organization is appearing, thanks which people learn more about these beautiful and smart little creatures. There are many recommendations and tips on how to to properly care for the rabbit or how to breed them.

However, many domestic rabbits surrender each year to pet shelters so if you are thinking about get a rabbit as a pet – then try visit your nearest animal rescue center before searching him elsewhere. If you can give the rabbit a new home, then you, perhaps give this beautiful creature a second chance, but, you probably need more patience and be gentle with it, especially if he was mistreated in the past.

  • Rabbits are very clean creatures and regularly look after themselves, and one after another.
  • Domestic rabbits cannot survive in the wild – not let them run away!
  • Today, domestic rabbits are sterilized in the same way as others pets, such as cats and dogs.
  • Wild rabbits don’t usually become good home animals. animals.
  • Rabbits run very fast – short sprints at speeds up to 30 mph is not uncommon.
  • Some breeds of domestic rabbits are actually nicer and more pleasant than others.
  • The smallest recorded adult rabbit weighed in all 450 grams.
  • Rabbits, with proper care, live up to 8 years
  • Dogs and cats can instinctively attack a rabbit – therefore they should be trained so that they get used to it, and during the first they cannot be left alone for several days.

If you are thinking of having a domestic rabbit, then you should find out as much information as possible on how to care for them properly and build a suitable living environment for them. Rabbits are cute little creatures, they are very sensitive and love. human contact and attention. To install with a rabbit strong and strong connection you should spend so much with him time as possible, and then, you can really enjoy his wonderful company!

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