Monthly rabbit care

Rabbits today are gaining widespread popularity as pets, and this is not surprising, because these are incredible attractive little creatures can be kept outdoors air, and in the house. But like all animals, they need appropriate care. One way you can make sure your pet is in good health, do it for yourself the “rabbit calendar”. And if you involve children in it, then a calendar can be a very fun and educational way take care of a domestic rabbit.

Monthly rabbit care

The rabbit calendar usually begins with warm weather, or from the summer, so the starting month will be June. Below is rabbit care calendar example.


Along with warm weather, heat comes, so at this time It’s important to avoid situations where your pet may get heat hit. Wild rabbits can hide in their burrows, but at home rabbits there is no such possibility. Therefore, your pet will need sufficient ventilation so that he always has access to fresh and clean air. Other than that, make sure he also has access to clean water that should be changed daily, and if required, it is advisable to check its quantity during the day. Bowls for water and feed should be cleaned the more often, the hotter the weather Avoid mold and mildew growth.

Also at this time you can give the rabbit a vaccine against viral hemorrhagic disease, which must be put every twelve months.


At this time, it’s a good idea to check your rabbit’s teeth, although this should be done regularly throughout the year. The more often you will do the check, the easier it will be held in the future, as your pet will get used to the procedure. In addition, you are in advance can identify dental problems that will be easier cure.

To check the incisors, you just need to lift your upper lip your rabbit so that you see the upper and lower front teeth. They must be symmetrical, their color must be in the range from white to yellowish. Upper teeth should have small vertical grooves on them.

When it comes to posterior teeth, also known as “chewing” ones, then it’s a little more difficult to examine them, and you may will need to visit for this vet. However your the vet should show you how to check most easily your pet’s chewing teeth.

July is also a good time to make a rabbit cage. truly clean using environmentally friendly disinfectants or even a small amount of vinegar.


Sometimes in August there are the hottest summer days, so it’s important to make sure your pet stays cool. If the weather is getting very hot, it might be a good idea put a fan that will blow around the cage, or you can put in a cage an ice bottle wrapped in a towel so so that the rabbit can be located next to it, so it will be nice and cool.

Also at this time you can check your pet for ticks, fleas and lice. If you find anything, or you will suspect rabbit for flea infection, then contact your veterinarian – so you can find the right product for your pet and quickly solve the problem of. The best time to treat a rabbit at this time of year – cool evening.


If the weather is wet in September, then at this time there will be the greatest risk is that your pet will be bitten by insects. Mosquitoes and fleas can carry severe myxomatosis, so prevent insect bites at this time of the year has great value for the overall well-being of your rabbit. Use safe repellents (insect repellents) that you can Get through your veterinarian or at a reliable pet store. Ticks in humid weather become the most dangerous, therefore It is important to inspect and check the rabbit on a regular basis.


You can give your rabbit a good session this time of year. grooming. As in autumn, it is also important in spring, especially long-haired breeds, as they require more care than other shorthair rabbit breeds. However, regular grooming throughout the year is key.


At this time, the grass already stops growing, and the temperature of the soil may drop below 0 degrees Celsius and although rabbits can acclimatize to cold weather, you must make sure that there are a lot of clean and fresh straw in the cage if they live on in the open air. You should start feeding them this time of year. hay of better quality, as they will stop receiving important nutrients from grass.


The coldest is usually set during December the weather, so at this time of the year it’s important to protect the rabbits with any film that will provide additional insulation. However, be careful not to overdo it so that the cell doesn’t it got too stuffy. If you want to keep the rabbit indoors, then make sure it’s not too hot in a house with a central heating.


In January, you might want to do a little circumcision your pet’s claws, although you should watch them, again, throughout the year so that they remain well-groomed and not overgrown. If you want the claws to remain dull and not scratched soft surfaces then you should inspect and process them monthly. If you feel that the procedure is hard for you or your rabbit, then you should take him to the vet so that he shows you how it is right to do.


February usually has a peak of molting of rabbits, which means that they need extra grooming and grooming. Rabbit haircut It is especially important both in the spring and in the fall, since getting a lot of garbage that can cause problems with skin. In addition, this may increase the risk of helminth infections. Another risk may be swallowing by the pet while taking care of itself. own excess fur, which can even lead to death the outcome.


Your rabbit will need vaccination against myxomatosis, and the best time for this is at the very beginning of spring. Another important the vaccine that has already been mentioned is a viral vaccine rabbit hemorrhagic disease but it must be done every 12 months. However, the HBVC vaccine should not be given in within two weeks after vaccination against myxomatosis. Most a suitable time period between these vaccinations is 3 month.


Many rabbits are prone to miiasis (infection by insect larvae), this is especially true for overweight animals and those with there are problems with the fur. Once the weather gets warmer, you should examine the rabbit more closely, and especially its back part to keep it clean. This time of year to prevent insect bites, you can also start using repellents.


At this time, when the cell should begin to clean and sanitize more regularly. The weather is perfect in May for the growth and development of numerous bacteria. Therefore clean and disinfected cell reduce the likelihood of infection with myiasis to minimum. Rabbit urine can be especially difficult to remove, so how can it remain like scum, so it is necessary scrape off, or use a solution of vinegar and water or lemon, to dissolve it. In summer, the cage should be disinfected. monthly, but change the litter and clean it weekly, so you provide your pet a fun and carefree summer!

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