First aid to the rabbit before a visit to to the veterinarian

If you are worried about your domestic rabbit and see that he is behaving strangely, or stopped eating and drinking, then you must show to his vet as soon as possible. However, you may he will need first aid before being examined veterinarian. This is especially important if your rabbit is injured and he is bleeding, or if he has a high temperature.

First aid to the rabbit before a visit to to the veterinarian

The following is a list of various rabbit injuries in which you should quickly give him first aid and then take him to the clinic.

What to do if the rabbit has an injured paw and a strong bleeding

If the rabbit has a paw injury and bleeding, then the first thing you should do is wrap your paw clean dry with a towel, and then apply enough pressure to the wound to try to slow the bleeding. When the bleeding slows or stop, you can examine the wound to see if a wound with a nail or any cut.

It is important to keep all the wounds on the legs of the rabbit as much as possible clean to avoid infection. That means you must clean the cage of debris more often, as well as wipe the floor in it, to clean it of possible bacteria.

If the bleeding does not stop or the wound is very deep, then you should seek veterinary care so your pet will be able to get the most appropriate type of treatment and antibiotics if it’s necessary. However, you should still wrap your paw clean and dry towel to try to slow down bleeding.

What to do if a rabbit is suspected of having a bone fracture

If you think the rabbit has broken a bone, then you should Contact your veterinarian as soon as you can. You may need to call for emergency help. You should try to immobilize your pet until the vet can fully examine it and prescribe appropriate treatment.

What to do if a rabbit has an eye injury

You should not treat rabbit eye injuries with any medications until your vet examines these injuries. When eye problems you should clean the injured eye warm water, but avoid using cotton wool, use a thick cloth, which will not leave villi around or inside the eye animal. Small pieces of cotton wool can lead to even more irritating your pet’s eyes.

If there is any discharge around the eyes, gently remove them with warm water and a lint-free cloth and then show your rabbit to the vet to find out what causes the problem.

What to do if the rabbit does not eat

When a rabbit does not have any interest in food, it can occur for several reasons, some of which may be the result of serious illness. Rabbits have a delicate the digestive tract, and any sudden changes in their diet can actually prove deadly to them. Common The reasons for the lack of appetite in rabbits are:

  • a sharp change in diet
  • Problems with teeth and gums
  • Intestinal pain caused by intestinal gas (bloating) abdomen)
  • Gastrointestinal problems

You should immediately show your rabbit to a veterinarian if he is stopped eating. The veterinarian will be able to diagnose a possible cause, and then prescribe the appropriate treatment to the rabbit. In this way, this will ensure that your rabbit get speedy recovery and regain your appetite!

What to do if a rabbit tilts its head and yanks it

All rabbit owners must distinguish between their pet a state where he tilts his head. This indicates that your the pet is disoriented and you have to get it out of your cage, so that he does not injure himself. Then you should as soon as possible make an appointment with the veterinarian to find out what it is connected.

Possible reasons for tilting your head or torticollis may be:

  • Middle or inner ear infection
  • Paralysis
  • Injury
  • Neck muscle contraction
  • Internal parasites
  • Poisoning

What to do if the rabbit has brown, watery discharge

If you notice a watery brown discharge in the rabbit, then this clearly indicates diarrhea. A feature of rabbits is that they dehydrate very quickly, so the problem should be resolved as quickly as possible. If you know how to inject fluid, then you should do it as quickly as possible, if not then you should show your pet to the vet to find out what might cause diarrhea.

What to do if a rabbit is bitten

If you have several rabbits and one of them has bitten the other, then you should treat the wound with an antiseptic cream – preferably the one that was appointed by your veterinarian. The wound should be like can be cleaner to prevent infection of any infection.

What to do if a rabbit overheats and has a heat stroke

If your rabbit is overheated, then you should as quickly as possible lower its temperature. One way to do this, even if the rabbit has a high temperature, is the application of cold objects to his ears. However, you should never lower The temperature of the rabbit is below 40 ° C. Again, then you should immediately consult a veterinarian.

Some tips

If you are thinking of having rabbits, remember that like any other pets, they need a lot of care and attention. You should not leave them to yourself for long periods. periods of time because rabbits need to be stimulated to stay healthy both mentally and physically. Another important thing which you must check is that you must find out Does your local veterinarian treat rabbits and did he have them a business.

Many rabbit disease symptoms are fairly diagnosed difficult, that means you have to show your pet to the vet at the first suspicion that something is going wrong.

A good idea is to consult a veterinarian so that he showed you how to provide first aid in emergency situations, described above.

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