Interested in old and sick ponies from Samara prosecutor’s office

Samara zoodefenders were the first to sound the alarm when they identified a white horse on the embankment of an old pony named Sultan. AT scandal flared up on social networks, its initiators convinced citizens not to roll children on an unfortunate animal – this will destroy him.

The Sultan is already 25 years old – a deep pensioner in all equine to the standards. It’s time to retire, but the next owner makes a pony hard to work, but contains in very poor conditions – so, in in any case, eyewitnesses claim.

But this is a little horse with a great history. Thoroughbred the animal participated in many competitions, made pride local horse-racing club “Vanguard”, was a pony club. Now the tired old man is having difficulty rearranging his legs with twisted hooves, and the skin under the saddle was almost erased blood.

Pony on the waterfront

The prosecutor’s office of the Samara region became interested in the situation – department intends to verify the legality of this entertainment business and use of an animal in it. But whatever there were test results, the good Samaritans were determined to save The Sultan.

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