In the UK, thousands died of overheating chickens

Heat is dangerous to all living things. Especially if they live in cramped sheds on the farm.

The heat killed thousands of chickens at Moy Park Farm. Writes about the incident The Independent.

Moy Park (Newton-on-Trent, Lincolnshire) is among the 15 most large British food companies. Birds died due to the heat in the sheds in which they contained. Organization for the Protection of Animals in Agriculture notes that in case of failure of ventilation of such premises the bird dies very quickly due to overheating.

chicken farm

Representatives of Moy Park claim that all measures to protect the bird from The heat was taken. British Poultry Council adds that no bird deaths from overheating on the farm.

Moy Park supplies products to such large retail outlets UK like Sainsbury’s, Osado, Tesco and others.

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