In the park Krugerasta hungry hyenas wanted take prey from a lioness

A tourist from the Kruger National Park photographed the following picture: hyenas pounced on a big cat in the hope neutralize an opponent for food. Video became interested Daily Mail Online Edition.

Amber Soams, a 19-year-old student, captured the struggle of predators who came to Kruger Park to watch the animals.

Upon learning that the lioness killed the wildebeest, the girl hastened to take off happening on camera. When suddenly feast on easy prey constantly hungry scavengers – hyenas visited. They surrounded big cat and in turn began to distract her, snatching pieces prey and biting the lioness herself behind her back.

Hyhidno laughing hyenas got excited and seem to have forgotten about fresh flesh of antelope and decided to bully a cat. Lioness tried fight back and at the same time defend their prey, but scavengers were don’t win.

To help the cat in time, her sisters arrived, who drove away annoying hyenas. They ran away and the lionesses continued to enjoy delicious lunch.

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