In the Chinese zoo threw a reptile stones

A 37-year-old reptile weighing 1 ton and 200 kilograms lives in Xiamen City Zoo. Rangers nicknamed giant Xiao He. Length his body is almost 6 meters.

When visitors approached the crocodile cage, they suggested that he is fake or dead. To make sure this, some of them began to throw stones at the animal. They are up to Xiao flew and hurt his head, as a result of which began bleeding. Some injuries were on the legs of a crocodile. Workers police called the park, but the offenders managed to escape and hide.

According to one of the caretakers Zhang Xiang, they had to quickly pump out water from the pool to assist the wounded reptile. According to their assumptions, he will need up to two weeks to complete recovery. Security measures will be immediately accepted.

Intruder tourists are wanted. However, with their capture may be a problem since the cctv camera near the aviary with there was no crocodile.

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