In Texas, volunteers saved a hairy spaniel

Four-legged from Texas carried almost three kilograms tricks of dirty and tangled wool, informed about this The Dodo portal.

The Texas Police Department, San Antonio, received a call about a stray dog ​​that has lost its canine appearance. Arriving at the call the police did not immediately find the animal they needed, as they saw in front of him is only a mountain of dirty wool. Police officers don’t even could determine the gender and breed of the dog.

So found a spaniel on a city street


Unidentified beast taken to local care department stray animals. There they were taken by veterinarians. For starters, doctors had to euthanize the hairy dog ​​to get rid of the lush head of hair. Under the hairy abundance was a young male cocker spaniel. And almost three unnecessary wool was gathered kilograms.

Volunteers suggested that the poor fellow lived a long time on the street. And without proper care, he turned into a hairy monster, without face and body. Center employees posted a foundling post in social networks. Soon they were interested in volunteers of the special group to rescue dogs of this breed. They took the dog under their responsibility and promised to find him new owners. And a little later even came up with a nickname – Hamish.

The dog had problems with digestion and teeth. Due to overgrown wool spaniel could not open its mouth. Claws rose to catastrophic sizes.

Hamish gets used to a new life


But the terrible life for Hamish is over. He took to her volunteer. The dog quickly became friends with another dog and began to get used to ordinary dog ​​life.

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