In order that the heroic horses do not disappear

Strong, under two meters at the withers, horses could become pride and symbol of the city of Vladimir, as happens with outstanding pet breeds in many countries. In fact, the wonderful breed of Vladimir heavy trucks has already disappeared forever, if it weren’t for enthusiasts.

Breeding stock of Vladimir heavy trucks in recent decades drastically decreased: contain such giants It’s not cheap, and the need for their strength and endurance has disappeared. For the difficult matter of restoring the breed, several horse farms. Will they cope with this noble task?

Vladimir heavy trucks

The history of giant horses began in the Middle Ages: accepted consider that the direct ancestors of Vladimir heavy trucks became legendary knight’s horses. Incredible strength was required by those war horses to carry their own protective armor, and heavy armored rider galloping at full speed.

Vladimir heavy trucks are peaceful heirs to ancient traditions. The breed was officially registered in 1946, but already long before that, the warrior horses worked worthily for the benefit of their the hosts. Enthusiasts are convinced that now the breed excellent prospects, the main thing is not to let her disappear.

Video: heavy horse breed – business card Vladimir region

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