I had to disassemble part of the house to return cow on the ground

In Poland, a cow climbed onto the roof of the house and did not want to go down back. The stubborn climber was removed from the roof by two units lifeguards.

The small Polish town of Plonsk amused the behavior of the local cows, and its owner for several days can not come to his senses. In the evening, as usual, he took the pet from the pasture and rushed it, by twig. Perhaps the redhead was offended, or maybe she just I wanted a thrill. One way or another, but when a couple passed by an abandoned brick house, the cow suddenly abruptly jerked in his direction and broke down the decrepit doors.

Cow on the Roof

Walking on the roof is so romantic

She suddenly climbed the stairs to the second floor, and when the owner tried to return it, then completely climbed out onto the roof through window. Plonsky rescuers had to call for help colleagues from neighboring Sochochin – only two divisions succeeded lower the bully from the roof to the ground. It took disassemble part of the roof and a piece of the wall.

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