I chose a street dog from Tver for myself the owner

Former yard dog from the Tver region at the age of 13 decided no longer wander around the streets and he himself found a master. It turned out to be taxi driver Yuri Golovanov from the village of Nikulino.

All his 13 years, Red lived on the street 50 years of October in the city Tver. Local residents tried to feed the animal. The dog’s only activity was to bark at passing cars, but no one drove him away – and everyone soon got used to it. But one day Redhead disappeared somewhere.

As it turned out, a few weeks ago, the taxi driver Yuri invited the dog live to yourself, saying that he came to his village. What is it was a man’s surprise when he saw a friend in his Nikulino red face.

So Red became a full member of the family. He lives now with three other dogs Yuri and gets along well with them. According to men, if he didn’t know the dog, he thought that he was always homework. So quickly Ginger got comfortable.

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