Hunt for thorns: leopard chose inedible prey

Predators seem to be masters of nature. However, teeth and claws do not always guarantee a successful hunt.

A tourist shot a fun video in Kruger National Park, South Africa meeting porcupine with a young leopard. For some reason, the predator decided what by all means catch the prickly beast, but the task was not from lungs. Leopard’s efforts resulted in endless attempts get closer to the porcupine. And all of them were unsuccessful – the bristled animal was not injured, but more than once pricked spotted predator with long needles.

Leopard circled for a long time near the rebellious animal, but finally he it is tired. Tired and declaring himself a loser, the animal settled down on the road. The porcupine was in no hurry to retire – its happening not at all scared.

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