How to wean a dog quickly is – the best ways

The sight of a dog craving food grabs not only involuntary pity, but also the fear that the animal may get sick from overeating. It is important for each owner to understand why this happens and how to teach a dog to eat slower without resorting to the help of a doctor.


  • 1 Why does the dog eat fast
  • 2 What could be dangerous
  • 3 How to wean: basic methods

Why does the dog eat fast

the dog eats meat

If you decide to teach the dog to eat correctly, then strictly follow selected tactics

At first glance, it may seem that the pet is not enough food and he simply does not eat up. Food cravings many animals are different, but if the dog lives in excellent conditions, he has a diet, and the feed itself is balanced, it is unlikely this type of feeding behavior will be formed.

Most often, the reason for the greedy absorption of feed lies in the past of dogs that have long lived on the street or in poor conditions: They developed an instinct to fill the stomach for the future. Exactly survival instinct makes several puppies fight for their piece, taking it from the brethren, and swallow it as quickly as possible. Late feeding may also lead to greed in food. animal. Whatever the reason, you need to find out how wean the dog quickly swallow food, and try everything methods.

How could this be dangerous?

puppies eat from one bowl

If dogs feed from the same bowl, they may exhibit competitive eating behavior: rush in order to be in time eat both your own and grab someone else’s feed

The absorption of food with greed is dangerous for the dog, this can lead to to such conditions:

  • swallowing air and, as a consequence, burping;
  • nausea, vomiting;
  • the formation of congestion in the esophagus;
  • bloating, etc.

The dog may develop gastritis, colitis and even inversion guts.

The faster the saturation process is established, the more chances there are, that the animal does not have time to acquire a chronic disease.

How to wean: basic methods

bowls for slow feed eating

Bowls for slow feed intake are usually made from plastic, they do not tip over and are equipped with pins inside, which do not allow the dog to grab food in large portions

First of all, you must strictly observe the correct diet for a pet: this method is based on a conditioned reflex secretion of gastric juice by a certain hour.

There are other ways, here are the main ones:

  • if you have several dogs, then feed them separately – in different indoors, this will eliminate competition;
  • purchase special interactive cookware for slow eating food;
  • to distribute the usual portion of food in several bowls.

If all of the above methods do not help, put a bowl on a low table or chair. So the dog will be forced to lean front paws on a raised surface, while the esophagus the animal will be in an almost vertical position, which helps reduce the amount of air swallowed.

It will take some time to rebuild the dog’s behavior.

When a four-legged friend is in a hurry to swallow his feed, then due to such a bad habit, problems with his health are possible. If you understand how to wean your pet quickly, and apply immediately several methods, then the result will certainly appear, you only need show patience, and your dog will learn to eat slowly.

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