How to understand the psychology of a cat by its behavior

If there is a cat in the house, then it is better to immediately find a common language with it. Then the animal will not begin to take revenge because of your misunderstanding. To that but you will have a good opportunity to be aware of what he wants favorite purr.


  • 1 Factors affecting cat behavior
  • 2 Features of the behavior of cats
    • 2.1 Curved back
    • 2.2 What the ears will tell
    • 2.3 Rolling back upside down
    • 2.4 Fixed seat and gaze at the owner
    • 2.5 Cat rubs against a leg or furniture
    • 2.6 Plast crawling
    • 2.7 Cat holds tail between paws
    • 2.8 Jerking and waving the tail
    • 2.9 tail raised
  • 3 Cat behavior after sterilization and castration
    • 3.1 A little bit about the terms
    • 3.2 The behavior of the cat in the first days after surgery
  • 4 Sounds and facial expressions of a cat when communicating with a person
    • 4.1 Hissing
    • 4.2 Snort
    • 4.3 Purring
    • 4.4 Long meow
      • 4.4.1 Video: cats meow in the garage
    • 4.5 cooing short meow
      • 4.5.1 Video: the cat meows shortly and cooingly

Factors affecting cat behavior

All cats behave differently. This is due to many factors:

  • character and temperament, which largely depend on breed. So, Siamese cats are jealous and wayward, but Maine Coons good, so it’s better to choose them for families with children. Outbred is cats can have a very different nature, because it is not clear from what именно пород они произошли;Maine

    Поведение кошки зависит о породы, к примеру, мейн куны вmostly friendly

  • education. For a cat to grow kind and affectionate, you need to talk, play, take care of her. In contrast, the owners have few devoting time to an animal, it can behave revengefully – to shit in slippers and on the bed, etc .;
  • socialization. Sociopathic cats don’t perceive anyone at all (not let themselves be ironed, don’t make contact, etc.), unless the owner, when he offers to eat. With such animals usually have not easy, but at the same time they do not require a lot of attention;
  • trust in people. If you call a cat on the street, then he can Do not approach because of a person’s fear. Usually behave this way Pets. And those who don’t have a “roof over their ears” usually run up to be fed, but not all. If the cat often offended, then she may be afraid of everyone around and not approach a person. Such animals in stress need rehabilitation – their need to gradually accustom to normal relations with человеком.Cat

    Кошка, живущая на улице, может быть напугана, из-за чего она неwill trust a person

Features of the behavior of cats

We approximately know how a cat can behave in one or another situation. For example, if she is in danger, then she climbs a tree, hisses, arching his back. However, we will not get ahead of events.

Curved back

If the cat arches its back and rears its hair, then it felt the danger. Thus nature taught the animal takes on an awesome look to be scared. On instinctive and uncontrolled level cat makes it clear to enemies that if necessary, then she is ready to defend herself, and it’s better not to approach. And it’s really better not to do this, but to wait out, while the animal calms down. Sometimes in this way the cat reacts to certain irritant – then try to find the cause and its eliminate.

The cat has an arch back

Cat kicks back in anticipation of danger

However, it happens that the cat arches its back and stretches its legs after sleep to stretch. Therefore, this position is not always indicates negative feelings of the pet.

I put a red tray under the cat’s cups, so Chris is on the doorstep I got up, bent my back, hissed, I was already scared and didn’t immediately I understood the reason … half bent to the kitchen all day I went in until I got used to it …


When my grandmother’s cat was small and wild, he easily “came out from myself. “The animal did not like strangers – it tried not to to meet, and if someone came up to stroke him, then he would revel wool and hissed. But I must say that with a reel the fur cat loved and play – he bounced in the air, catching two paws grandmother’s tangle. We laughed watching him. Soon wildness passed (grandmother tried), and the pet grew into an important and a big cat, stopped being afraid of people.

What the ears will tell

To understand the condition of the pet, sometimes just look at his ears:

  • direct and open, they “speak” of a neutral mood animal. That is, the pet now does not care what you are there занимаетесь;The cat lies

    Прямые и открытые уши кошки говорят о том, что ей всё равно

  • pinned testify that the pet is angry. Usually in this condition of the cat is round dilated pupils. If your animal of this kind, it is not necessary to provoke the pet to protect and нападение — тогда агрессия быстро пройдёт;The cat is angry

    Прижатые уши кошки свидетельствуют о том, что она”pissed off”

  • turned back will “tell” that the animal has played out and turned into a hunter, which is very interesting for him. So you можно to play вместе.Cat with Ears Tucked Up

    At ши, повёрнутые назад, расскажут о том, что кошка готовапоиграть

Rolling back upside down

The position of the cat on its back has different meanings, depending on circumstances. So, for the owner and other pets usually this is a sign of complete trust, but if the animal feels a threat in in the form of dogs and other dangerous animals, then it takes such a fighting pose, opening paws for attack. But sometimes the animal chooses this position for the game, since on an instinctive level he needs feel like a hunter.

The cat lies on its back

Sometimes the purr just enjoys riding back

It happens that a cat just enjoys riding back. Therefore, one of the reasons for this behavior is the desire animal to comfort. If back riding is observed constantly, it is a sign of stress and “says” that the animal is trying to calm down. In this case you need pay attention to the cat and understand where it came from behavior.

Cats are awake only 15–20 minutes a day. And rolling on back – a good workout for the muscles of the neck and back, which have purr always in suspense.

Fixed seat and gaze at the owner

If the cat silently looks at the owner in a sitting position, then, rather total, she asks: “Give”, “Help”, etc. So, if the animal sits near the window, then asks to open it, and if it is next to the bowl, then it’s hungry.

But everything is not always so cloudless: sometimes the cat fades in place and a closer look suggests that you are in the eyes of a pet pose a threat. Therefore, you need to go to another for a while room and think about what caused this cat behavior.

I also have a cat Alice) she is about 6 months old. So, sometimes she looks at me too))))) there is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary cool))) I’m at this moment if I have time, too, look at her intently, in general, as two morons look at each other))) and her views are different: nr. play with her, 2. just shows off, 3. just looks, 4. is somewhat dissatisfied, 5. loving, 6. wants something, well, you can immediately understand it later by behavior (if you love and more or less already know your friend) And it’s only by sight that you can understand what she wants, so it’s it’s good that she looks at you at all))) and does not ignore)) Love your they are cool pets =)


A cat rubs against a leg or furniture

For any cat, smell is very important. On the body of the animal (muzzle, paws, around the eyes, etc.) odorous glands are located, allowing leave your smell. It contains pheromones – soothing molecules cats. It turns out that with the smell of cats territory, recalling that they are predators. Feeling his own smell, the purr feels more confident. Person after such marks are also considered part of the pet’s territory. Well of course, when the animal rubs against the owner’s feet, it shows towards him your special feelings.

The cat rubs on the legs of a man

The cat rubs against the owner’s legs in order to show his feelings or mark territory

Well, that’s right. And yet, it is impossible to take off a single thing and put, for example, on the bed, immediately come running and settle down. Things smell unfamiliar, but it is necessary that the house and finally … mess Smile And in a wardrobe pulls them for the same reason as a magnet, and about new objects rub ….


That the cat rubs against the human leg, I had to watch when I fed the domestic purr. Many of them strove wiping about me, bouncing for this and apparently getting pleasure, which was indicated by their touching expression. Apparently this “spoke” that animals want to see me as their mistress. On an instinctive level, of course.

Plast crawling

The crawling of a cat when its stomach is almost touching the floor is explained hunter instincts. The animal needs to hunt down, hide, catch. This is all a pet does because of instinct. To such him you can only rejoice at the behavior, because the animal should be active.

The cat is sneaking

An animal can crawl in the way because it feels not safe

But the cat can crawl in the way of Plastos because it doesn’t feels in danger. Most often, he behaves on the street. Many believe that he is just interested in everything. In fact it’s not so – you don’t need to scare the cat if he is not ready to go on the street. The cat can also get scared and crawl in a plastopod because of that you were too noisy. In this case, you need to calmly talk with your pet, regain his trust.

Once our cat ran away from home, we searched for it for 2 days. On the third looked into the basement and saw our pet in the immovable position with raging eyes. I don’t know how her parents got her out of this hole. But when the cat was on the street, she immediately snickered and began to crawl slowly on all fours. It seemed to me that she very scared. I took her in my arms and she grabbed me all with their claws, not wanting to let go.

Cat holds tail between paws

If a pet hid a tail between its paws, then it’s something very scared. There is even such an expression – “squeeze tail “, which just appeared because of this feature animal behavior. Therefore, you need to quickly understand how to help. Pet deal with fear.

Important: if the cat has pressed east to the stomach, does not get up and trembles, then urgently need to call a veterinarian, as the problem indicates the presence of diabetes, a dangerous seizure, and then an ancestral condition in which the animal may die.

However, tail pulling is not always so safe. is he It is considered part of the spine, serves as an animal balancer. Therefore, the cat can keep its tail between its paws, not sit down at all or to do this is not completely due to the fact that it hurts. If the problem is not postpone the trip to the vet.

I had the same with my cat. As soon as I saw, I called taxi and rushed to the vet. We were lucky, there was just a bruise.


Twitching and waving tail

If the cat stubbornly pulls its tail, then he clearly does not like something. In this case, tail twitching can be compared to a knock man when he is nervous. That is, at the reflex level, the cat can hiss at any time or cling to the enemy. In that in case you don’t come up to him – while the animal is in such state, leave him alone.

Tail of the cat

If the cat twitches or waves its tail, it’s better for a while leave the animal alone

If the cat jerks muscles in the tail and she behaves nervously, and even constantly licking himself, it’s nervous overvoltage. In such a situation, more time is recommended. give to your pet, and at the same time ask your veterinarian what you can drink sedatives. When the cat recovers a little, just in case case it is better to take him for examination.

Outbred cat; age 1.4; castrated; eating dry food Royal Canin (now replaced by Hills) and one pack per day wet sheba feed; lives in an apartment, doesn’t go out, with does not contact other animals; previously hurt nothing, all vaccinations are done, every three months I give pills for worms, wears flea collar. Since June, it has become strange to behave, jerking muscles on back near the tail, starts to run, meow and lick strongly yourself, this clearly gives him discomfort; behaves aggressively. I drove to the vet, the cat examined. Ears, skin clean, cleaned paraanal glands did not help. After a while, she took the cat back to vet, passed tests: clinical blood test, biochemical blood test, 3-day fecal analysis. According to the results of the analyzes, the doctor found nothing related to his behavior, suggested give sedatives for a month. Gave 2 drops twice a day according to the instructions, the name api san stop stress. Drops helped!


When I was a schoolgirl, I really loved to squeeze cats. Accordingly, often saw how they wave their tails. I even remember that after that they either released claws or applied to my hand has sharp teeth. Then I didn’t really understand that the animal such behavior is unpleasant. It seemed to me that it was created for similar communication with a person.

Tail up

If a cat has a tail with a pipe, then this is a good sign – the animal is contented and satisfied. But it does not mean, that you need to immediately grab him in his arms and ruin everything, because far not all pets are happy with this “communication.” Better play with the animal or treat him with something tasty.

The cats have tails with a pipe

If the cat has a tail with a pipe, then he is satisfied with everything pleased

The cat is in a good mood, she is happy with everything, mine is also upright, like a peacock.


My grandmother’s cat always ran with its tail up. BUT grandmother, seeing him from afar, said: “The peacock is coming.” The cat itself was friendly and always let him pet.

Cat behavior after sterilization and castration

Sterilization and castration are two different operations. Respectively, after each of them, cats behave differently.

A bit about terms

Sterilization – surgery for ligation of the fallopian tubes in cats, seminal ducts – in cats (vasectomy). After her genitals animals remain in place and continue to produce hormones. Under by their action, the pet will still experience hormonal storms. Therefore, he can often experience stress, because of which – to show aggression. In addition, when sterilized, the animal often loses weight, so how refuses food. It has the ability to mate, but not bring offspring.

Cat Sterilization

Sterilization involves tubal ligation in cats and seminal ducts – in cats

With castration, the genital organs are completely removed. Уcats are ovaries that are often removed along with the uterus, in a cat – both testicles. Features of behavior – the animal ceases to label territory and scream.

Cat behavior in the first days after surgery

The first day after sterilization or castration, most cats departs from anesthesia, therefore sleeps. Usually the animal’s sleep lasts about 5-6 hours. When it wakes up, it makes several unsuccessful attempts to rise. If the cat does succeed in getting up, prepare for the fact that she will be bad at first navigate in space, falling and bumping into objects.

Cat after sterilization

On the first day after serialization, the cat is sluggish

The animal may try to hide, meow and call for help. In the first day or two after sterilization, you need to limit cat communication with children or other animals, as some pets after anesthesia behave aggressively. If this condition lasts longer 3 days, then consult your veterinarian.

Returning home with the animal, wrap it in a warm blanket, so how the body temperature of a cat usually decreases after anesthesia. Not put your pet where it can fall (for example, on chair) – better put it on the floor, on the sunbed. Do not hope that after sterilization, the animal immediately wants to eat – try offer him at least water. By evening on the second day the cat is already must show interest in food, become active.

A pet can be aggressive when you touch it belly, and that’s fine. However, you still need to inspect the seams have to. Usually, 7-10 days after surgery, the animal is fully returns to normal.

Some owners note that after sterilization, their pets become more affectionate and more often ask for their hands.

Our behavior after castration has changed, well, we have a cat, and moreover, this cat loved water very much and began to jump into the bath so that with they played in the water.)))


Sounds and facial expressions of a cat when communicating with a person

Any cat sound makes sense. If you will know which Namely, your relationship with your pet will certainly become better.


Cat wheezing is a warning. The animal, as it were, says: “Do not come to me”. The cat does not hiss just like that – usually it happens when she is very worried or scared of something. If so, then move away from the pet and allow him calm down.

The cat hisses

If the cat hisses, then it warns that it is not suitable to approach need to

The animal is protected from strangers. We even ours hissed for 4 years on the child, did nothing. Gradually got used to iron now given at least. And how are you going to “put it in its place”? Bump So this is not a method, it will be even worse.

Toril Or Twine


If the cat is angry, then she can snort. In this case Do not disturb the animal and wait until it calms down. A snort may also be due to the cat breathing dust and got rid of it on her own. It’s not scary if it happens rarely, therefore, nothing special needs to be done.

When a cat sniffs its nose with its paws, it’s experiencing sheer discomfort. The reasons here may be as follows:

  • itching and burning in the nose due to a runny nose, in which there are no discharge or they are already there;
  • irritating substances or particles in the nose;
  • sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses);
  • inflammation of the root of the tooth, in which the pain often radiates to nose;
  • foreign body in the nasal passage.

Therefore, when sniffing an animal, you need to contact a veterinarian. It’s better to make a mistake than to miss a serious problem.

Brought a kitten from Germany a week ago. And I think caught her cold at an airport in Moscow. The first two days, everything was fine, and on the third she almost stopped eating, slept almost all the time and how would snort. I didn’t sneeze, but it was as if something had bothered her breathe and she tried to punch it from her nose with air (sorry, not I know how else to explain) I thought that stress and stuff. But today saw snot flowing from her nose. Transparent such a liquid. I was taken to the doctor. The doctor measured the temperature (do not listen to the lungs became for some reason) The temperature turned out to be 40.5 The doctor said that it colds and prescribed the following medicines: cefazolin (dilute novocaine) twice a day for seven days Cycloferon once three days a day, and then another day five days later. Baralgin if the temperature will be above 39




Purring “tells” about the good mood of the cat, her thanks for the affection or a delicious dinner. But the pet can purr due to hunger or fright. Surely many are familiar with the situation, when the cat was playing with the owner and purring, and suddenly released claws. This means that she was tired of the game. Or affection, if her stroked. Therefore, in such a situation, hurry to leave the animal in peace.

The kitten lies with his eyes closed

Purring not only “talks” about the cat’s good mood, but also helps her recover

It turns out purring at frequencies of 20 and 140 hertz promotes:

  • the healing of bones and tendons resulting from injuries;
  • helps with shortness of breath;
  • relieves pain;
  • improves the condition of edema.

This conclusion was made by British scientists, publishing the results research in the journal Current Biology. Scientists also found that purring heals not only the cats themselves, but also those nearby with them.

Long meow

A loud, drawn-out scream, more like a howl, will tell that the cat is excited or furious and ready for attacked. In moments of such “calls” it is better to refrain from communication with a cat.

Mine does it all the time. As he sees that I’m going to go out right away to the door, and he wants to go out first. When I close the door behind me immediately begins to cry. And so every day, twice. When morning I’m taking my child to school and when I’m going to pick up from school in the afternoon. Mama says that she sits near the door and meows lingeringly until I will be back. When I come back she walks after me and meows. I’m talking to her, and she’s as if complaining. And so until I change clothes at home. Then she calms down and goes to lie down somewhere on windowsill. A couple of times went on business for a longer time, hours 3. She returned, and she was near the door, already on the floor she heard her meow. I go in, look, and under her eyes the tracks are wet. When I worked then she left for the whole day, so my mother said that she was before dinner sitting meows, does not listen to anyone. Then he goes to sleep. And in the evening how once before my arrival with a meow runs to the door, and after 2-3 minutes I get home. I can’t imagine what will happen when I’ll leave the work, because then it will be completely alone. About vacation abroad is better not to think at all.


Video: cats meow in the garage

Cooing short meow

You come home, and the cat makes pleasant short sounds, reminiscent of coo. So the animal greets you – it “says,” it’s nice to see you. You can stroke these minutes pet and talk to him.

Video: the cat meows shortly and cooingly

Communication with a cat is a science. And find out about the condition of the pet possible by his behavior. This will help to become a cat and its owner. best friends, and at the right time – in time to recognize problems with health.

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