How to save wild animals in different parts the planet

In the Kemerovo region, a woman picked up a rare species of pelican, and in Britain the red cheat was freed from the fence trap.

On the reservoir of the village of Alchedat, a local resident Svetlana Patsulo noticed a chick lying motionless. Strange bird with big with her beak was so exhausted that she didn’t think of running away from her savior. The villager took pity on the lonely chick and took to her home.

A few days later, Svetlana realized that she alone could not a bird with a huge appetite. No matter how much a woman gives fish, the long-billed chick swept everything clean. Then she decided Seek help from the Wild Animal Care Center in Kemerovo area.

Pink Pelican

Seeing this swallow, the vets unanimously said that in front of them is a pink pelican. As it turned out, the bird is listed in Red a book. Ornithologists have suggested that the pelican flew for the winter from Kazakhstan to China, but due to bad weather spent everything strength and lost his way.

Another unusual rescue operation took place in one of British cities. Fox, wishing to jump over the fence of a private house, stuck in a wooden railing with its paws. The animal was discovered early in the morning. Despite help, the fox even managed to bite her rescuers. And when she was released, she, not looking back, she rushed that there is urine directly into the forest.

Fox stuck in the fence

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