How to play with a dog: best ideas

Many of us prefer to spend free time lying on couch staring at a TV or computer. However how practice shows to pets, especially dogs, spending time in this format is not at all fun. Four-legged friends prefer to walk, play, learn teams and so on. If you puzzle over how to play with a dog and what to do with it, check out some ideas that will help diversify your leisure and the life of your pet.


  • 1 Dog Rod
  • 2 Hide and Seek
  • 3 frisbee
  • 4 Catching up
  • 5 Hidden Object

Dog fishing rod

A fishing rod for playing with a dog

The fishing rod is suitable for playing with the dog indoors. Helps develop animal hunting instinct

This game will tire any dog ​​quite quickly. Ideal option for overly active pets hunting or shepherd breed. The toy can be purchased at any pet store. She is a long plastic stick to which with ropes attached bait, attracting the dog and motivating her chasing prey. You can also train your dog with this game. new teams.


Playing with a dog on the street

Hide and seek teaches the dog attentiveness: over time, she begins to get used to follow the owner and his movements

This is a classic that makes dogs use their natural and a well-developed sense organ – the sense of smell. Enough for a start take your favorite pet toy, prepare a couple of treats for him and hide while the dog is distracted. Then you can call her and let you find you. When the pet completes the task, it is necessary praise him and reward the prepared delicacy.

To make the dog stand still while you are hiding, try using the stay command. If the dog does not know yet her, so you have a great chance to finally teach him. In During the game, you can also ask someone to hold the animal. As soon as you lose sight of and say the name of the dog, its let her start the search.

While the dog is learning to play, it is recommended that you choose simple shelters, where the owner is partially visible. Then you need to completely hide from view so that the pet uses exclusively his sense of smell. After some time, it is recommended to move from premises outside and continue to play there.


Dog with frisbee in his teeth

To play with a dog in Frisbee, you should buy a shell from high quality safe materials coated with non-toxic paints

One of the most popular games with four-legged pets, based on the instinctive love of dogs for catching flying objects. When buying a special disc, it is recommended to carefully study material and make sure that it will not adversely affect animal health.

Frisbee game is liked not only by the pet, but also by the owner. Give up it’s easy for a person to have a light plate, and the dog is but runs after her, catches and brings back. Thanks to such a simple the game between the owner and the dog established strong friendships and trusting relationship.

In the process of this game, the basic commands are worked out: “to me”, “aport” and “give.”


A girl playing catch-up with a dog

A great place for such entertainment will be the children’s playground

A standard little dog run is not only useful sports, but also a fun game, especially if you diversify it with various obstacles: steps, horizontal bars, borders. Running with a pet recommended no more than an hour, it all depends on his physical opportunities, as well as the form of the host.

You can induce the four-legged to run after you again with his favorite toy. Sometimes a dog accepts the rules of the game; subject and starts to run away.

Search for items

The dog is looking for an object in a suitcase

Gradually the number of wanted items can be increase

At the beginning of the exercise, the dog is given a long look at the subject or a toy that is subsequently hidden in the room. Then the owner calls pet to himself and teaches him a search team. Recommended also let the dog smell the item before hiding it.

Experts do not advise playing with a dog in the search for goodies on the street. This can develop an animal’s habit of picking food from the ground.

There are a huge number of games with dogs. Notably what exactly with their help a person can not only demonstrate animal love, but also teach him important skills, as well as make it more active.

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