How to get rid of the smell of cat urine: Why cat refuses tray

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

Many are interested in how to get rid of the smell of cat urine. After all, most people mistakenly suggest that incense it’s almost impossible to neutralize pets.

But cat urine in its chemical content is in no way differs from the urine composition of other animals, and if any high-quality filler, smell not felt at all.

So why is the public so negative about cats because of their mythical incense?

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

High-quality cat litter for your pet – the best way to prevent odors


  • 1 Causes of a cat’s repulsive urine odor
  • 2 Several reasons why the pet refuses the tray
  • 3 How to remove cat urine: a few simple secrets
  • 4 Recommendations for eliminating the smell of cat urine: detailed instruction
    • 4.1 Removing marks on the floor
    • 4.2 Remove traces of crime on the carpet
    • 4.3 Eliminate footprints on the couch
    • 4.4 Neutralizing traces of excrement on shoes and clothes

Causes of the cat’s repulsive urine odor

The unpleasant smell is explained by the main reason – the composition urine:

  • Urea is a substance that makes a liquid sticky;
  • Urochrome – a staining element of urine;
  • Uric acid is a substance that crystallizes cat feces. The resulting crystals cannot be dissolved in water, therefore urine is hard enough to remove.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

Create conditions for your furry household so that it does not methyl anywhere

Trying to carefully clean (wash) stains on the sofa, shoes and to destroy the smell in the apartment, you eliminate only the first reason – “tags” of your little pet.

Therefore, after a while, the smell returns again.

The intensity of the aroma is associated not only with the presence in the substance uric acid, but also with what surface is located “label”.

It should be noted! For example, on the carpet neutralize the stain is much harder than on the floor, as the fabric absorbs moisture well.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

Nashkodil and flirts

A few reasons why a pet refuses a tray

Finding out the root of the problem, you can forget about the unpleasant smell. So:

  1. Suppose she didn’t like her toilet. TO For example, the tray does not fit. The toilet should be chosen based on the parameters of the body of the pet: it should be 1.5 times longer. Especially often this problem affects owners big cats like savannahs Serval, Maine Coon, caracals and bengals. Besides, the animal may not suit the location of the tray. Here the family of cat mammals is similar to people in its habits: they prefer to relieve themselves in a darkened, quiet place. And further one thing – most pets don’t like being near them someone else’s toilet is located.

If you are interested in large breeds of cats, you can find more detailed information in articlehttps: //

A satisfied common reason for rejecting your own tray is unsanitary conditions. Cats, characterized by their cleanliness, possess excellent sense of smell. Therefore, to force the pet to cope with the need for dirty toilet is impossible. For washing the tray, special disinfectants.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

Most often, it’s sofas that pets love relax

  1. Any cat breed: Briton, chinchillas or nibelung can prolonged depression begins even from a simple fright. AND, trying to calm down, the pet marks its territory, putting “tags” wherever. There is only one thing left – to identify the cause of stress and not make mistakes afterwards.

Learn more about feline depression and how to help. pet: https: //

Very often, pets take revenge, leaving puddles in the most unexpected places: on the couch, clothes, shoes. Therefore, it is necessary to show patience, trying to make amends to the pet. But raise your hand on an animal and isolate it as a punishment – unacceptable, the situation will only worsen.

If you are interested in how to wean a cat to cope with the need for the wrong place, we advise you to read articlehttps: //

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

Foreign shoes – new smells, but what now do the guest

  1. The reaction of a cat to unfamiliar odors, objects. Foreign shoes a new chair, a sofa for a cat is a threat. Putting “tags” pet says that the owner of the apartment he and no one else.
  2. The pet is sick. This reason can be encountered, if you have an old cat. But apparently healthy, young pets tamed from childhood on a tray similar a signal indicates a serious illness. If favorite relieves need, not embarrassed right at you on a mattress, linoleum, Call your veterinarian for help immediately.
  3. The cat places the “tags”. Not sterilized and uncastrated mammals at a particular point in time begin to mark their territory. The female in this way attracts male, and he demonstrates superiority. Such spots in the room they smell much stronger than simple puddles on the floor. The only way out is to sterilize the animal.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

We teach the baby to go to the tray to avoid unpleasant surprises on the carpet

How to remove cat urine: a few simple secrets

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine on a sofa, linoleum or carpet:

  • Potassium permanganate. To neutralize the smell cat urine in the apartment, use a weak solution potassium permanganate. Moisten a rag and wipe where the pet your need.

Advice! Don’t forget from potassium permanganate traces remain on the fabric, so remove the “marks” when the help of this tool on the sofa and clothes is not worth it.

  • Vinegar. This is a universal tool for elimination of odors, as it is well eroded without leaving traces. When deciding which tool is best to use, remove aroma, use pure vinegar, or its solution, then rinsing the treatment area with clean water. Instead of vinegar lemon juice.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

It is a pity that they themselves, unfortunately, do not clean up after themselves may

  • Hydrogen peroxide. Greatly neutralizes stench, traces after disinfection disappear. But do not forget that this substance is rather caustic, so do not use them to eliminate stains on the carpet, clothes or sofa.
  • Vodka. Thinking about how to get rid of cat urine, you can stop with alcohol or vodka. Pets can not stand the smell of alcohol, unlike aroma feed, so they refuse to relieve the need for places, treated with vodka.
  • Iodine. In some cases, help will come simple iodized solution 10: 1. Iodine repellent mammals also do not tolerate.
  • A solution of soda. Cooked gruel excellent eliminates the “tags”. To do this, it should be applied to the surface, and After drying, remove with a vacuum cleaner or a broom.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

Soft carpet is a favorite place for a pet that doesn’t away leave an unpleasant surprise on him

  • Laundry soap. What means can eliminate pet odor on shoes, clothes or mattress? Right, Laundry soap – a universal means for the removal of “tags”. It not only helps to get rid of the smell of bowel movements at home. animal, but also applied to any surface.
  • Bleach. Universal remedy. But with his using the help you can remove stains only from surfaces capable of withstand the action of chlorine. The substance can be scattered on the floor in room and leave for a few days.

Recommendations for eliminating the smell of cat urine: detailed instruction

If, nevertheless, your pet is “nashkodil”, do not be upset follows.

Eliminate the pet’s incense and even wean it; relieve the need for the place he liked is very simple.

We remove marks on the floor

If the apartment has a sufficiently persistent smell, eliminate it is necessary starting from the floor surface.

To clean cat feces on linoleum and wooden floor can be a simple vinegar.

Mix white vinegar with water in a ratio of 1: 3 and rinse surface in the room.

During operation, windows are best kept open.

Vinegar treatment is accompanied by a persistent, pungent odor.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

In the fight against unpleasant odors, all means are good

On other floor coverings it is worth using the following options:

  • Means, which include chlorine. Similar substances perfectly destroy bacteria, saving the house from the pungent odor of a pet, your pet is unlikely to agree to visit your favorite one more time place, after processing due to pungent odor. Some of the most popular chlorine products sold at pet stores – “Antigadin”, “DesoSan”, “UrinOff”. When working with the surface, do not forget to use gloves.
  • Vinegar Treatment – An Effective Acid Removal Technique odors, but it is worth using other means, for example bleach to eliminate unpleasant odors. Suitable for this tools such as White or BOS.
  • Oxidizing agents. Simple potassium permanganate helps neutralize odor cat urine. 4% vinegar will help strengthen the effect of processing lemon juice, peroxide or iodine.
  • Mouthwash.

Advice! To neutralize odor excrement, not recommended in the apartment, on the carpet, linoleum use flavorings: coffee, aromatic oils, citrus fruits, because it will only aggravate the situation.

If you settled in a house in which the former owners neglected caring for pets, or cannot find place on the floor, linoleum, where the cat “nashkodila” will help UV lamp – pet urine will glow in yellow.

We remove traces of crime on the carpet

The spoiled fluffy carpet in the room is half the trouble.

After all, we perfectly know how to get rid of the smell of cat urine fast, efficient.

To neutralize “tags”, you should:

  • wet a puddle well on a carpet with a napkin;
  • blot the “mark” with the prepared vinegar solution (2: 1);
  • After half an hour, wipe the stain with a dry towel and leave until completely dry.

What means to use in case of unpleasant the fragrance on the carpet is not completely weathered? The following will do way:

  • process traces of “crime” with soda;
  • apply dishwashing detergent and peroxide solution;
  • vacuum the surface.

Advice! Before applying peroxide, make sure that it does not lighten the treated area carpet.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

A closed toilet for cats – aesthetics and cleanliness of your home and no smell

Eliminating traces on the couch

How to use to get rid of unpleasant the smell of urine on the mattress bed? A couple of answers to this there is:

  • finely rub the laundry soap;
  • breed crumbs in warm water;
  • cover the dirty surface with the mixture on the sofa, mattress, leave for 20 minutes;
  • remove the resulting crust with a damp, clean cloth.

In order to create convenience for a cat, you can buy him closed toilet, which is not only perfect will fit into the interior of the room, but will also save you from “minor surprises”

To remove stains on the couch, a mattress of dark colors will help one home secret:

  • Dilute 15 drops of iodine in ½ cup of water;
  • treat the “label” with a sponge well soaked in solution.

If you are thinking about what means sold in at pet stores, you can neutralize the unpleasant smell of urine in the room, then you can try the following compositions – “Zoovorisin” or Clearsan.

Funds are aged on the couch, mattress for no more than 5 minutes.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine

It’s hard to remove the “tags” from shoes, be careful

We neutralize traces of excrement on shoes and clothes

What tool can be used in this case?

Eliminating bad breath on shoes is simple: soak things in vinegar solution (1: 1), let dry, then fine stretch.

Or use the prepared solution instead rinse aid.

It’s important to know that smells on shoes last much longer, therefore, in this case it is worth acting quickly:

  • wash well spoiled shoes in water, but only warm and with the addition of alcohol, glycerin or soap of a dark color;
  • wash fabric shoes a couple of times;
  • stains on shoes are removed with a solution of potassium permanganate, iodine or peroxide;
  • clean leather shoes with lemon juice or vinegar (solution).

An excellent remedy for the smell of urine is freezing, for example, shoes can be left in the winter on the balcony.

Advice! Do not clean shoes use chlorine-containing substances – they can cause an allergy.

With the advent of a pet in the apartment, it can begin problems in his behavior, for example, the habit of marking anywhere, nobody will like it.

But you should not be mad at your furry household, first put the tray in order, pay attention to hygiene and its comfort.

And knowing how to get rid of the smell of cat urine, you can easily deal with the consequences of small pranks of a small miracle.

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine: Why a cat discards the tray

How to get rid of the smell of cat urine if your pet puts tags in different places. Many different home ways and professional tools will come to your aid in solving this difficult problem, because unpleasant odors deliver a lot inconvenience.

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