How to feed a kitten without a cat: Secrets milk ration for babies

How to feed a kitten without a cat


  • 1 In what cases are newborn mole rat kittens left without nurse moms?
  • 2 Nursing cat or artificial feeding
  • 3 Preparing a place for keeping kittens
  • 4 How often to feed kittens
  • 5 Cow’s milk or milk formula?
  • 6 How to make your own mixes
  • 7 How to properly feed a blind kitten
  • 8 How to determine if a kitten is well fed
  • 9 Simple and Important Care Tips

In what cases are newborn mole rat kittens left without nurse moms?

In what cases the question arises, how to feed newborns kittens without a cat?

Sometimes it happens that a cat dies during childbirth or immediately after them.

It happens that for some reason she refuses to feed her progeny.

And sometimes the soulless owners of the four-legged pet can simply throw offspring into the street so as not to violate your area comfort.

In any case, orphaned kittens can be saved, even if not it turns out to find a nursing cat and put suckers on it.

A nurse is, of course, an ideal option, but such the opportunity is not always there.

How to feed a kitten without a cat

Caring for newborn kittens requires patience and some of knowledge

The main thing is to properly ensure their content. And this:

  • arrangement of a cozy “nest” with heating;
  • providing nutrition equivalent to mother’s milk;
  • proper care for babies, taking into account their physiological needs.

Nursing cat or artificial feeding

Determining how to feed a newborn kitten without a cat, you need to understand that the nurse is the perfect solution, as for the a small kitten, and for its owner.

Typically, a nursing cat of one or more babies accepts easily.

The main thing to know is that mom and her kittens are healthy and will not infect crumbs infectious diseases, particularly ear tick.

Important! The colostrum with which the cat feeds its kittens in the first two days, as a rule, it happens a little. If your kittens older than those she feeds need to continue feed babies until the nurse begins to develop a sufficient amount of milk.

Preparing a place for keeping kittens

Under normal conditions, the cat independently provides its kids optimal temperature conditions.

She warms the little kittens that are with her constantly.

Given that the physiological norm of a cat’s body temperature is 38 degrees, when arranging a place for kids it is important to consider that in it should be slightly higher in the nest.

For heating, an electric or simple heating pad is suitable, excellent fit infrared heater.

You can also use plastic bottles with warm water.

Of course, water in a simple heating pad or bottle will often have to change.

But it will not be difficult, because small kittens have to feed several times a day.

Thus, the temperature will be controlled not difficult.

The bottle is best wrapped in a towel or terry a rag.

It is best to cover the nest with a soft, non-synthetic cloth or baby diapers, which, which, unlike fabric, are not needed wash.

When choosing between a cardboard box and a basin, it is better to make a choice in favor of a basin: a cardboard box can get wet, absorbs smells.

Therefore, the content of small kittens in a basin or plastic the box will be more hygienic.

A plastic tray is also suitable for this purpose. carrying bags.

Cats are also suitable, only later: nursing orphaned kittens up to a month of age in them is not quite conveniently.

How often to feed kittens

Monthly kittens can already eat on their own.

But until that time they will have to pay maximum attention, because they will have to be fed both during the day and at night through every two to three hours.

How to feed a kitten without a cat

Animals must be handled with extreme care.

The feeding algorithm for small kittens is as follows:

  • up to two weeks of age, feeding every two to three hours without night break;
  • on the third and fourth week – every two to three hours for days plus one night feeding;
  • from fifth to seventh week – every three to four hours in during the day, and night feeding as children grow up canceled.

Cow’s milk or milk formula?

Cow’s milk for a blind kitten is not the best option, since its composition is significantly different from that of a feline milk.

In addition, it can cause allergies in kittens, expressed in redness of the skin and legs.

The ideal solution is dry mixes that can be purchased in veterinary pharmacies.

Mixtures have a balanced composition in which there are all necessary components for the growing body.

In each pack of feline milk powder substitutes Katzenmilch, Royal Canin BabyMilk, Gimpet Cat-Milk, Beaphar Kitty-Milk, Hartz has a special bottle with a pacifier.

How to feed a kitten without a cat

Bottles with a pacifier are very convenient when feeding kittens

How to cook your own mixes

If it is not possible to buy ready-made mixtures, you can cook at home yourself.

The main thing is to withstand the recipe.

  1. Mixture “Universal”:
  • 20% condensed milk in a dilution of 1: 5,
  • bone meal (1 tsp. per 1 liter of milk).
  1. Mix “Kitten”
  • cow or goat milk – 25 gr
  • glucose 5% (20 ml)
  • milk powder – 5 g
  • vitamin supplements – 1g.
  1. Mixture “Vitamin” – recommended for the weakened and sick kittens
  • milk (100 ml)
  • glucose 5% (20 ml)
  • 1 yolk
  • vegetable oil (1/2 tsp)
  • Tetravit (about 0.3 ml)
  • 2 teaspoons of the Nutrilon fermented milk formula.
  1. Mix “Egg”:
  • cow’s milk – 200 ml,
  • vegetable oil – 1chain. a spoon,
  • egg yolks – 2 pcs.,
  • vitamins in drops (tetravit or trivit).

How to feed a kitten without a cat

The ingredients of the mixtures must be mixed thoroughly, brought to homogeneous mass

Before feeding, the mixture is heated to 38 degrees.

Ready mix should be stored in the refrigerator no more days.

How to feed a blind kitten

For feeding a weekly or two-week-old kitten it is necessary purchase a pacifier and a bottle in a veterinary pharmacy.

An ordinary medical syringe without a needle is also suitable.

You can use a rubber pipette tip punctured with using a hot needle and put on a small bubble.

How to feed a kitten without a cat

It is better to feed a kitten up to a month of age from a nipple

Firstly, the sucking instinct is satisfied, and secondly, reduced risk of aspiration of the respiratory tract with milk or a mixture that may cause pneumonia.

Feeding from a pipette or syringe requires a lot of caution.

How to feed a kitten without a cat

Since immunity in babies is still weak, any infection can become fatal

Important! Clean and sterile nipples and bottles – an inalienable rule that must be strictly followed.

While the cub is eating, it is advisable to stroke it on the head and back, talk quietly with him.

Limit in milk or mixture is not worth it – sucker muzzle should be in milk, and the tummy should be rounded.

After feeding, it is advisable to hold the sucker upright.

When a blind kitten is full, he begins to fall asleep, and from his mouth milk bubbles appear.

He needs to wipe his muzzle soaked in warm water with a napkin.

Many are interested in whether it is possible to determine how sufficient baby got food?

You can – well-fed babies calmly fall asleep, and hungry ones worry, crawl, peep.

If you give them a finger – they begin to suck it.

How to determine if a kitten is sufficiently fed

Advice! Both for a weekly kitten and for two-week, dangerous and overfeeding, and underfeeding. Need to find the golden mean. Undernourished kittens are lethargic or restless, do not gain weight. When overfeeding appear stool problems.

How to feed a kitten without a cat

The main indicator of overfeeding is stool.

If it is liquid, yellowish, it means that it takes place slight overfeeding.

With moderate overfeeding, the stool acquires shades green.

Constant overfeeding is the cause of gray stool.

If the stool turns white, you should consult with by a veterinarian to rule out an infection.

Simple and Important Care Tips

The feeding cat in the first 3 weeks takes care of the removal excrement and independently maintains cleanliness in the nest.

Growing up, kittens begin to leave their “business cards” in certain places.

At the same time, cat-mother continues to lick their tongue.

When kittens are fed, this the mission is undertaken by man.

And no matter what the kids are: and popular breeds cats like Persian, Neva Masquerade or Burmese cats and simple outbred creatures require the same care.

Light massage of the tummy clockwise in the area urethra and anus stimulates discharge of stool and urine.

After feeding and massage, the kitten needs to be rubbed warm wet cloth, change the diaper in the nest.

How to feed a kitten without a cat

Sometimes a kitten cannot recover

In such cases, you have to resort to an enema with cool water and a little vaseline oil.

Depending on the size of the kitten, the amount of water may vary from 1 to 5 ml.

Instead of a pear, you can use a 5 mm syringe, cannula which is liberally lubricated with baby cream or petroleum jelly.

Thus, an exciting question for many is how to feed a kitten a newborn without a cat is completely solvable.

Now you can think about vaccinations for kittens, and further rules for the care of both thoroughbred and ordinary kids.

Love for lesser brothers, care and affection combined with having free time can work wonders.

How to feed a kitten without a cat

These kids will definitely give you many pleasant minutes and positive

How to feed a kitten without a cat: Secrets of a milk diet for toddlers

How to feed a kitten without a cat, if for some reason he left an orphan? It’s not easy to replace the baby’s mother, but if so happened, then patience, scrupulousness and certain knowledge help save the lives of small defenseless creatures.

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