How to cut dogs at home, how breeds it is necessary

Dogs of some breeds require extra care. Special this is about tracking the condition of the coat. Therefore, it is important to know how to cut a dog at home and not harm the pet, but be able to save on groomer visits.


  • 1 Which dog breeds need a haircut
  • 2 What is better to use
  • 3 How to cut a dog at home: step by step instruction

What breeds of dogs need a haircut

Most rocks need only to be washed periodically and comb, while others need regular haircuts.

haircut Yorkshire Terrier

Breeds such as Yorkshire need regular haircuts terriers, pekingese, spitz and poodles

Puppies and dogs of exhibition breeds with long hair begin to cut at the age of six months.

For most pets, visiting a groomer suggests combing out dead hair or undercoat and washing with shampoo. it concerns breeds with:

  • short hair;
  • short hair and undercoat;
  • dense undercoat.

For long-haired breeds of dogs with undercoat visiting the groomer involves a hygienic haircut. It is carried out on certain parts of the body of the animal. This is the muzzle, the area between the fingers, the skin around the anus and genitals, hairs in the ears (may pluck out). Such a haircut involves:

  • minimizing the appearance of diseases of the ears and skin;
  • improving the orientation of the animal in space;
  • avoiding the appearance of tangles that cause skin itching;
  • maintaining the health of the coat.

Dogs with a dense undercoat can be cut, but this is not necessary. Usually this procedure is carried out in the summer, when the animal suffering from heat. But too short haircuts will harm the pet.


For wire-haired dogs, the mandatory procedure is plucking dead hair

Silky dogs are sheared regularly. At a shorter version of the visit to the groomer is required every 2-3 months. With elongated – once a month and a half.

Terriers differ in different types of wool. If the animal shorthair, then regular combing is enough. If long, then visit the hairdresser once every 3-4 months.

Dog breeds with curly and wavy hair need regular haircuts, as their hairs are quickly confused and prone to the formation of warlocks. You need to visit the groomer once a month – one and a half.

What is better to use

Smooth-haired dogs do not need to be cut. Brush daily enough for shine and smoothness wool.

Dog breeds that have a stiff coat need trimming (for some sections a machine is used). Scissors can only be used for trimming:

  • beards;
  • wool on the paws;
  • bangs.

For home haircuts you will need the following set tools:

  • brush with large and long teeth;
  • scissors (with rounded or even ends);
  • clipper that can be used for dogs
  • rubber mat for a more stable position to the animal.

How to cut a dog at home: step by step instruction


Before the first haircut, you should accustom your pet to a hairdryer, scissors and the sound of the machine

You need to cut the dog in a room that can be easily cleaned, as wool will fly all over the house. Best suited bath, because before the procedure, the animal also needs to be washed. Haircut Algorithm:

  1. The animal is bathed with shampoo and dried.
  2. Comb and eliminate the existing tangles (if you do not comb them succeeds, it is necessary to carefully cut off). Start to do it with ends of the hair and advancing to the skin.
  3. A short haircut is done using a machine (so wool will be the same length).
  4. Start to remove wool from the muzzle. First, cut off excess hair between the eyes from the outside and inside, then the hair is trimmed on the ears.
  5. They process the chest, legs, tail, stomach, sides and back.

If the animal is too active during the haircut, then do not it is worth insisting and completing the procedure to the end at a time. Can do it gradually so as not to give the pet too much discomfort.

Pet grooming at home is not so difficult. Important approach the procedure correctly, prepare everything in advance necessary tools and be careful with the animal.

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