How to choose dog food. Tips for the inexperienced to the breeder


A cute puppy has appeared in your house? Congratulations! You became the owner is not just a dog, but you have found a true, faithful friend. And the first thing that bothers an inexperienced owner is how to feed the pet, so that he develops and grows healthy? Right choice dog food is a fairly complex task.

Numerous shops and popular online resources in in particular, suggest to choose dog food for every budget. But here it is necessary to consider not only the cost, but also the age, breed, health status of the pet, because allergies in dogs are a common occurrence. Find an allergen without having done special testing is rather difficult. And in case of severe forms of manifestation, the pet may be necessary until the end of life special injections.


  • 1 Tip 1. Natural food or dry food?
  • 2 Tip 2. Cheap – almost always low quality
  • 3 Tip 3. Premium – is this the golden mean?
  • 4 Tip 4. The choice of food for dogs super premium class
  • 5 Tip 5. Dog food group holistic – if the budget allows

Tip 1. Natural food or dry food?

Food is a source of energy, supplies the body of a dog substances that are necessary for building cells. Right balanced, it will prevent premature aging, joint diseases, gastrointestinal diseases. To all these goals were realized, you need to choose a daily diet, consisting of groups of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, minerals). It is important that each of received them in the right amount, taking into account the age of the dog and his breed.

ak-vybrat-korm-dlya-sobaki_-2 If it is about self-cooking, it is not always possible to maintain a balance nutrients in proper quantity. Their disadvantage with time will slow down the development and growth of the dog, capable of harm health. Preferring ready-made, specially designed for age and breed dog food high quality, the breeder saves his time with health care pet.

When the breeder decides to use pre-made feed, he is faced with a difficult choice. Presented in dog food sales demonstrate a wide variety. how choose the right one?

Tip 2. Cheap – almost always low quality

Economy-class dog food lines are easy to learn – they have the most affordable price. Such food is produced from raw materials. poor quality where meat is replaced with soy or offal (and far from always these are the internal organs of birds, animals), as additives used corn flour, grain and other poorly digestible fillers. Gradually saving on feed is capable of entail a number of diseases because it does not contain enough the amount of nutrients needed.


Tip 3. Premium – is this the golden mean?

Choose the kormpremium class for the dog – optimal solution for many breeders Premium feed grade characterized by an optimal price and higher than the economy, quality. Giving them preference, it is worth studying the composition, even if you don’t always read what favorite cookies are made of. So to for example, if the first ingredient in the dog food is “bird” – this is an occasion to think, it is better when the type of applied turkey or chicken birds. Offal should also be decrypted. It may be the liver or stomachs, which is normal. Or same paws, heads, bones and other offal, which was not found best use.


Tip 4. Choosing a dog food super premium class

In this case, more expensive means many times better. Super premium meals often have the right balance. plant and animal components (cereals, meat, fish), vitamins, trace elements. On the back of the packaging, often the first components there is meat or meat flour (the same meat, only without water), followed by followed by cereals – rice, millet, oats, barley. Feed selection super premium class is especially relevant for dogs with delicate digestion. It is completely harmless and has excellent digestibility in compliance with the recommended amount.


Tip 5. Dog food group holistic – if the budget allows

If you are not limited by the budget for the purchase and are willing to pay a lot, then you should pay attention to the products of the holistic group. This is the highest quality group whose dog food consist of 50-80% of meat. Sources of vitamins and other essential nutrients are selected cereals (black rice, etc.), fruits, vegetables, berries. Main feature such dog food is the lack of offal, other substitutes of dubious origin. Produce products a number of well-known brands, regardless of the choice of a particular one, all of them provide the dog with everything necessary.

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