How to bury a cat: places and ways

No matter how hard people take care of their pets, those die sooner or later. And cats, unfortunately, do not become an exception. Almost every owner who loves his pussies and considering him a full member of the family, thinks about how to carry out the burial. There are some of the most common options that allow some semblance of farewell ceremonies.


  • 1 Where to bury a cat
    • 1.1 Legislation on the burial of cats
    • 1.2 Cremation
    • 1.3 Landfill
      • 1.3.1 Features of burial in the winter
    • 1.4 Cemetery for animals
    • 1.5 Virtual cemetery
  • 2 Performing a ritual

Where to bury a cat

When choosing a place for burial, remember that not everyone Square or park can be used to place the grave. Public places are in principle not suitable for placement graves. Usually for these purposes people use their own plots or special animal cemeteries.

It is legally forbidden to throw the body of a pet into a container for garbage.

Our cats are not limited to walking on the street, but because of everything time none of the pets died in the house. Just once they leave for a walk and no longer return. I think aging cats feel approaching death, and therefore prefer to meet her in loneliness. In the case when it became clear that the animal is not will return, I always put a stone in a secluded part of the garden. Without any inscriptions or names, because the names of the most beloved pets never forgotten. And visiting such a small “rock garden” you can always remember each of them.

Legislation on the burial of cats

Often, burying a pet on land that does not belong to you, considered illegal. This is because there is a risk the destruction of the grave by groundwater or other animals that may lead to the spread of infections and diseases from decaying corpse. Therefore, according to the Veterinary Sanitary rules, it is necessary to burn dead pets in special stoves.

In case of death of the animal, the owner must contact veterinary clinic. This must be done no later than in a day after the discovery of a dead animal. Corpse Pet Mandatory order subjected to laboratory diagnostic studies. AT During the examination, experts pay attention to the cause of death animal. If death occurs as a result of abuse or due to a dangerous infectious disease, the data is transmitted to local bodies of state veterinary supervision.

Persons who violate the order of burial of pets, are brought to administrative responsibility (a fine of up to 4 thousand rub.).


Only bodies of animals which after the examination received a veterinary certificate of form No. 4. Accordingly, according to the rules, the procedure should be carried out in the presence of a veterinarian and only after examining the deceased pet in vet clinic. The latter is necessary so that if necessary identify dangerous infectious diseases and prevent them further distribution.

For the procedure of cremation of animals not home stoves are suitable, so they should be immediately to exclude. In almost all clinics designed for animals, there is information about organizations that provide cremation services.

The cost of the service depends on several factors. First the queue takes into account whether it will be general or individual cremation. The second option is usually more expensive, but so you will sure that you get the dust of your pet. The most budgetary Cremation without giving away the ashes of the pet is considered an option.

Also, the price may rise depending on the features. your urn. Approximate rates look like this:

  • total cremation – from 1 thousand rubles;
  • individual cremation – from 1.5 to 10 thousand rubles;
  • autopsy of an animal – from 3.7 thousand rubles;
  • photo or video report on cremation – from 0 to 500 rubles;
  • transportation of the animal’s body – from 1 thousand rubles;
  • urns and boxes for burial – up to 10.6 thousand rubles;
  • engraving on the urn – from 1,5 thousand rubles.

Urns for the ashes of animals

After cremation, the ashes of the animal are placed in an urn that can be leave at home or bury in a suitable place

Burial on own site

If you have a suburban area, you can bury animal on it. To do this, select the location far from communications and reservoirs.

In addition, it is recommended to place the grave away from the main paths and tracks. So you can avoid trampling the place burial places by guests, children and other people. A place, intended for the grave, may be next to the trees, shrubs and flower beds. Having vegetation nearby will make its more picturesque.

If you still decide to bury the animal without cremating it, then It’s worth choosing a suitable container for these purposes. According to from opportunities, people get real coffins for pets, use homemade wooden crates or cardboard boxes. If for some reason you don’t want to buy a container, then You can do with a towel.

The burial pit must have a depth of at least two meters (paragraph 4.1.2 of the Veterinary Sanitary Rules). Besides In addition, the bottom of the pit and the corpse of the animal itself must be sprinkled active chlorine disinfectant chlorine not less than 25%.

All these actions are necessary to prevent the ruin of the grave. other animals, its erosion by groundwater and spread various infectious diseases dangerous to humans and animals.

Further, the pit is covered with earth and a mound is poured over the grave at least 1 m high (Clause 4.1.2 of the Veterinary and Sanitary Rules).

The headstone is set according to your desire. He can be made independently or ordered in one of the companies, engaged in funeral services. On the surface of the stone usually post a photo of the pet, his name, date of birth and death. At If desired, you can add a few lines about how the cat was loved in your family.

If you make a gravestone yourself, then write to him all the necessary information with paint.

But you can also limit yourself to a less noticeable grave. Besides Moreover, instead of one big stone, sometimes they use a lot small, collecting from them a kind of slide. Such an option less expensive but allows for a decent burial for a beloved pet.

The grave of a cat

When creating gravestones for pets, as well as for people, marble and granite are often used

Features of burial in the winter

In winter, digging a grave of suitable depth is enough problematic. Of course, you can try to warm the earth with bonfire, but in official cemeteries this is unlikely to be dealt with. Leaving a dead animal until spring is not a good idea, therefore, cremation is indispensable. You can safely leave the urn at home until warm time, and then calmly bury your pet or dispel the dust in the wind and during the winter months.

Cemetery for animals

Also one of the legal options is to place an urn with ashes of an animal in a special cemetery. Important that this it wasn’t a simple place in the forest, chosen by other pet owners, and the official organization authorized to carry out this activities. When buying an animal burial place You conclude a contract with a company employee. After that you Pet space is provided in the cemetery. Usually for one the animal is allocated a plot of 1 square. m. This is quite enough for burying the urn, placing a tombstone and fences.

If necessary, you can conclude with cemetery staff agreement according to which the grave will be looked after. This option very convenient in cases where you live far from the cemetery and you can’t regularly visit the burial site yourself favorite.

Animal Cemetery

It is important to remember that the contract with the cemetery is drawn up on a temporary basis and it must be periodically renegotiated so that the grave pet stayed at the selected location

Virtual cemetery

Creating a pet memorial site on the Internet is also quite a popular option. You can find a large number sites and groups on social networks designed to host photos and information about dead animals. This option is suitable and for those who had enough money only for the cremation of the pet, and for people who buried a cat at home or in a special cemetery.

An example of a virtual cemetery

A virtual cemetery is often available on the websites of organizations, burial animals

As follows from all of the above, there are only two ways to bury a pet: cremation and burial. Wherein burying a pet who has not gone through the process of cremation, you violate norms established by law. You can do it only on your own site. An uncracked animal in the cemetery simply will not be accepted, as official organizations carry out the burial of the dust of pets.

Conducting a ritual

Farewell to the pet is optional, but often carried out by a ritual. It is often organized by people who were very attached to your pet. Usually ceremonies are modest in the circle of family and closest friends. Before lowering a cat in the pit, you can make a short speech about her, tell poem or sing a song somehow associated with what happened. Also, saying goodbye to the animal, people often put to urn favorite pet toys and things reminiscent of him. To fresh fresh or artificial flowers are laid on the grave, wreaths are placed and place ribbons with mourning inscriptions.

If you do not want to bury the ashes of an animal in the earth, then you can dispel it in the wind. But you should not choose places for these purposes, located next to residential and public buildings. Better to leave Get out of town and scatter the ashes in a beautiful place that, perhaps your pet would have liked it in life.

The death of a beloved animal is always a sad event, and organizing worthy funerals can only partially drown out pain from this loss. If your pet has gone to a better world, then try gather strength and determine the method of burial of a pet. Consider not only your capabilities, but also the legitimacy of the chosen options.

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