How to brush a dog’s teeth at home: step by step recommendations

Regular brushing of the teeth will protect the dog not only from tooth decay, periodontal disease and gingivitis, but also avoid heart disease and the gastrointestinal tract. Accustom your pet to cleaning your mouth cavities are necessary even in puppyhood. So that during hygienic procedure does not damage the tooth enamel, you need Use a special paste and brush for animals. Accumulated dental deposits must be removed in a veterinary clinic with ultrasound.


  • 1 Why do you need to brush your dog’s teeth
  • 2 Choosing a cleaning product
  • 3 Stages of pet training
  • 4 Step-by-Step Dental Brushing

Why do you need to brush your dog’s teeth

How to brush a dog’s teeth at home: step by step recommendations

Bacteria in the mouth not only provoke unpleasant odor, but also lead to early loss teeth

If you do not take care of the oral cavity of the animal, then on a stone appears in the teeth, which in turn injures gums.

Health directly depends on such factors:

  1. Heredity. Breeds such as Cocker and poodles have a predisposition to dental diseases.
  2. Food. This factor plays an important role. for the formation of strong teeth. It is important that the pet diet is diverse, in the feed must be present such mineral substances like phosphorus and calcium.
  3. Lack of hygiene procedures. This factor may cause hair loss, fistula formation, and the occurrence of periodontal disease and periodontitis.

Tooth diseases adversely affect organs such as liver and heart. Pain leads to the dog becomes lethargic or embittered, refuses food and games.

Small breeds (chihuahua, toy terriers, Pekingese) are most prone to dental diseases. They often get unpleasant the smell in the mouth, and their teeth have a yellowish tint. They are owners of a delicate digestive system, therefore rough food, for example, bones with which the pet could clean the mouth cavity, they are poorly absorbed.

At least three dogs should brush their teeth at home once a week. If you have tartar, contact veterinary clinic. Veterinarian will remove deposits with ultrasound. This procedure is rather painful, therefore her under general anesthesia and not more than once every two years.

Choosing a cleaning product

How to brush a dog’s teeth at home: step by step recommendations

You can purchase dentifrices in veterinary pharmacies or pet store

Dog cannot brush teeth with human pasta. It contains fluoride, which may be in the stomach of the pet, as it is difficult for him to rinse his mouth. it toxic substance with regular ingestion is capable of harm the kidneys and cause indigestion.

Flavors that are found in regular pasta can reduce the sharpness of the animal’s scent.

You can brush your pet’s teeth with the following tools:

  • Special paste for animals. She can have a taste of bacon or chicken that does not cause rejection in dogs. It contains components that can soften dental deposits. It will not harm the health of the pet when swallowing.
  • Tooth gel for dogs. It is applied to the teeth. pet half an hour after eating. The tool has anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect, it refreshes respiration and reduces plaque formation.
  • Spray for cleaning. Animal oral cavity irrigate from a distance of 10 centimeters. He helps get rid of unpleasant odor and destroy pathogenic microflora.

To save money, you can cook pasta for dogs on their own. To do this, mix in equal parts lemon juice, baking soda and white chalk. However, such a mixture may damage the enamel, so it is not recommended to use it.

The following can be used as a dog toothbrush inventory:

Name and photo Description
Rubber fingertip How to brush a dog’s teeth at home: step by step recommendations This brush has soft bristles. They bend in all directions and do not damage the gums.
Double brush with extended handle How to brush a dog’s teeth at home: step by step recommendations At its ends are brushes of different sizes (for cleaning back and front teeth). The long handle allows you to reach the most hard to reach places.
Tooth brushing toy How to brush a dog’s teeth at home: step by step recommendations The toy toothpick is made of natural rubber. Sticking teeth in it, the dog cleans them of food debris.
Cleansing (edible) bones How to brush a dog’s teeth at home: step by step recommendations Edible bones can be used for pets who don’t allow you to brush your teeth. Chewing these bones will allow get rid of bad breath in the oral cavity and dental plaque.

Stages of pet training

How to brush a dog’s teeth at home: step by step recommendations

It is advisable to carry out the procedure when the dog is relaxed and calm, for example, after eating or walking

Despite the fact that the teeth in dogs are fully formed by 6–7 months old, you need to accustom the animal to cleaning from the age of two months age. This will allow the pet to psychologically get used to manipulations and not perceive them as something unnatural.

It is important to choose the right time to train your puppy. Not worth it disturb the dog when she is hungry, wants to play or sleep.

Stages of training a dog to brush your teeth:

  1. From time to time, swipe your pet around your mouth to thereafter, this did not cause him irritation. As soon as the animal get used to, it usually takes about two weeks, you can proceed to the next step.
  2. Put a cleaner on your finger and let the dog sniff and lick it. The puppy must taste the paste so that later adequately perceive it.
  3. When the animal gets used to the new taste, apply with finger cleanser on his teeth and gums. After successful complete the stage, encourage the dog to treat.
  4. Once your pet gets used to the paste, start accustoming him to the brush. Put on her product and let the puppy lick.
  5. If you feel that the dog is ready, carry out hygienic brushing procedure starting from the front teeth. If the dog showing concern, pet her and continue.
  6. Increase the number of teeth being cleaned every day. Brush always move parallel to the gum.
  7. Only the inside of the teeth needs to be switched to when the puppy will behave calmly during execution manipulations.

Dental brushing walkthrough

How to brush a dog’s teeth at home: step by step recommendations

If from early childhood to teach a dog, then by the age of two she should relate to cleaning the mouth without irritation

Before starting a hygiene procedure at home conditions, it is necessary to arrange so that the puppy and the owner It was convenient. The duration of the manipulations will take no more than five minutes.

Step-by-step instructions for brushing your dog’s teeth:

  1. Moisten the brush with warm water and apply a little amount of paste or gel. It is advisable to take the drug inside villi so that the pet in the first seconds does not spit it out.
  2. Lift your lips with the index and thumb of one hand dog.
  3. Tilt your pet’s head back and open your upper jaw thumb free hand.
  4. Brush up and down to avoid spread of dirt throughout the oral cavity.
  5. Start with large teeth and fangs, as they accumulate the most deposits. For every tooth should account for at least ten movements. Then proceed with cleaning the rest of the oral cavity.
  6. Keep your toothbrush at an angle of 45 degrees so that clean the base of the teeth well.
  7. At the end of the procedure, rinse the pet’s mouth with clean water with using a syringe.

Domestic dogs most often feed on soft, natural products, so self-cleaning of the teeth does not occur. To reduce the likelihood of dental plaque buy pets in Pet store or veterinary pharmacy special food. Teeth cleaning and proper nutrition will help maintain oral health dogs and avoid other diseases not related dentistry.

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