How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions

The appearance of fleas in an animal brings discomfort not only pet, but also to its owner. Parasites carry diseases quickly breed and are able to lay a large number of eggs in a short term. They bite people, causing a severe allergic reaction and inflammation on the skin. And the sooner measures are taken to destruction, the less chance of developing related infections.

There are currently enough veterinary clinics effective insecticides that with regular and proper use will not only remove blood-sucking parasites, but also prevent re-infection. In folk medicine, there is also methods by which you can get rid of insects at home conditions and prevent their further reproduction.


  • 1 Reasons for the appearance of fleas in cats
  • 2 Symptoms of infection
      • 2.0.1 Room Preparation
  • 3 How to get rid of pests using special means
  • 4 How to cure a pregnant or lactating cat
  • 5 Folk remedies
      • 5.0.1 Wormwood
      • 5.0.2 Vinegar
      • 5.0.3 Garlic
      • 5.0.4 Essential Oils
      • 5.0.5 Homemade Shampoo
      • 5.0.6 Geranium broth
  • 6 Processing the apartment

Causes of cat fleas

Parasites worry not only street cats, but also pets that never leave home. Even the most careful care does not guarantee their absence in the cat, who spends time lying on the couch.

Causes of the appearance of insects:

  • A regular walk in the park (along grass, paths, асфальту).How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions

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  • A chance encounter with an infected animal.
  • Entering the house on outerwear and shoes.
  • Infection through remaining eggs and litter on carpets and soft furniture.

Fleas are a serious danger to animals, and from insects must be discarded.

What is the danger of insects:

  • Worms live inside the parasite. Biting a cat, he infects it worms.
  • Fungal infections are transmitted.
  • Bad effect on the psyche of the pet.
  • Insects can bite a person, resulting in on-site bites appear inflammation.

For kittens, bloodsuckers carry an even larger danger. A fragile growing organism is difficult cope with a flea attack, and as a result of infection, kids lose weight and are at risk of dying from anemia and advanced infections.

Symptoms of infection

How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions

Small wounds and scratches may remain on the skin. own claws and teeth

Symptoms of the disease are easy to notice if the invasion is extensive. At minor lesions require a thorough examination of the animal. It’s easy to establish the presence of a cat’s behavior, which noticeably changes during a regular parasite attack.

Symptoms of infection:

  • The animal stops abruptly and itches intensively. Bites trying to catch a bloodsucker, and gets angry.
  • Licks more than usual.
  • The appearance of the pet is getting worse. Wool loses its luster and begins to fall out, bald patches form.
  • Many black dots on the hairs of wool (feces of insects). When water gets on them, brown stains appear.
  • Obvious anemia of the mucous membranes (whitish color).
  • Small white and dense grains on the wool – set aside the eggs.
  • Visible congestion of insects.

Blood-sucking parasites multiply rapidly, rapidly increasing their colonies. If you do not take measures for their destruction, more than two hundred can live on one animal insects. They focus in places that are hard to reach, as:

  • head;
  • the chin;
  • neck;
  • sacrum;
  • axillary hollows;
  • along the entire spine.

Sick, old and pregnant cope with infection animals as well as small kittens.

Parasites are very jumping and easily jump from one individual to another, can hide in thick carpets.

Room preparation

Before you begin to get rid of parasites, you need to prepare and the apartment itself. Disinfection rules and simple precautionary measures:

  • Carry out wet cleaning.
  • Hide and pack food.
  • Remove the aquarium from the room, if any.
  • Isolate other pets.
  • Open windows for two hours to ventilate well the room.

You must be prepared for the fact that in the next seven days you can’t will do the cleaning in the room in which the disposal of fleas.

How to get rid of pests using special tools

There are enough special means for removing fleas. When choosing a product, it is necessary to consider such factors:

  • The age and general condition of the pet.
  • Breed.
  • Intensity of infection.
  • The presence in the house of other pets.
  • The specifics of the use of drugs to avoid allergic reactions.

Having decided on these factors, you can choose suitable remedy. The most affordable and popular are such:

Facilities Application Photo
Shampoo If the animal is badly infected, it must be redeemed using special shampoo. It is easy to use and always in availability at any pet store. Flea shampoo is quite effective and kills all the parasites. The main thing is not to forget that the means for adults are not suitable for kittens. Separate ones are issued for them, characterized by less toxicity. How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions
Drops The product is easy to use, and if the cat is clean and does not need in bathing, it is enough to apply drops to the withers. This place is suitable most of all, since the animal does not reach there to lick and scratch yourself. After applying drops, parasites quickly die or scatter around. Subsequent infection will not occur until the action of the drug is over. Best Drops: Barrier, Front Line, Fleet, Advance, Delix, Stronghold, Inspector, Bars, Dana Ultra Neo. it the most effective tool, as it not only destroys parasites, but also scare them away. How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions
Spray can Spray is a powerful tool that can permanently get rid of from blood-sucking insects. They die for a short time. Aerosol is sprayed onto the animal’s hair, avoiding the nose and eye. After treatment, ventilate the room for 30 minutes. How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions
Collar It is designed more for repelling insects than for them complete destruction. It is better to combine with others, more effective means. How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions
Pills and injections Active ingredients enter the bloodstream and when insects bite an animal, poison and die. Usually this method is combined with to others, to maximize the benefits. How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions

How to cure a pregnant or lactating cat

How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions

Fleas must be brought out so that they do not breed and started to bother newborn kittens

Fleas in a pregnant or lactating cat are not uncommon. Them may be brought by the owner, another animal or cat with which they were knitted pet. In view of its position, bathe or use an aerosol, strictly not recommended. Pregnant cat can get sick from hypothermia, as her immune system is overloaded. The correct solution would be to use drops that applied to inaccessible places for licking, and the collar for scaring away parasites.

For deterrence and prevention, you can use folk methods made on natural herbs.

Folk remedies

The use of folk remedies does not harm the health of the cat, but some of them, on the contrary, have a calming effect on the nervous the system.


Safe and effective remedy. Suitable for lactating, pregnant cats and kittens.


  • 20 g of dry leaves or 40 fresh;
  • half a liter of water.

Boil for 20 minutes. Cool, strain, grease coat and skin animal.


  • Wormwood – 10 g;
  • Eucalyptus – 10 g;
  • Lavender – 10 g;
  • Tansy – 10 g;
  • Water – 1 liter.

Boil for 20 minutes. Insist 10 hours. Finished tincture treat the animal for 8-10 days.

Coniferous sawdust are an excellent folk remedy. Them sprinkle at the entrance to the house, stuff them with a pillow or mattress, on which cat likes to rest. The plus is a pleasant smell and prevention of re-infection.


Its smell is not like both parasites and cats themselves. But if you mix vinegar and ammonia with any cologne in equal proportions, a powerful effective means. It is poured into a spray bottle and treated animal hair. Wrap in polyethylene, leaving your head outside.

After holding the pet for 7-10 minutes, comb out the hair, removing the dead insects and their eggs. Pregnant and lactating cats, as well as kittens, this method is not suitable. It is designed for calm and patient. animal.


To get rid of insects, you can cook garlic tincture:

5 large crushed teeth pour four cups of water (23 ° C). Insist 10 hours. Add 2 teaspoons of brewer’s yeast. Wipe the animal’s hair with the extract in places where the pet does not reach.

Try to prevent the cooked product from getting into stomach and eyes.

Essential oils

The safest water based and oils. Suitable for kittens, pregnant and lactating cats. Can be used:

  • rosemary oil;
  • peppermint;
  • cedar;
  • Lemon
  • geraniums;
  • fir;
  • lavender.

Three drops are enough to prepare a water-based product for one glass. The resulting liquid is poured into a spray bottle and spray the animal. Essential oils are also added to shampoos and applied to the collar.

Homemade shampoo

Do-it-yourself detergent guarantees death and escape of parasites. To prepare it you will need:

  • crushed baby soap (1/4);
  • medium sized onion;
  • water (0. 2 l).

Pour soap shavings with warm water and boil until turned into jelly. Cool and mix with grated onion. Add to choice: egg yolk, calendula tincture, nettle broth or essential oil. Soap the animal with the resulting agent and wrap it with polyethylene for 20 minutes.

Then wash off the shampoo and comb the pet’s hair.

Geranium broth

To prepare, you will need:

  • geranium – 30 g;
  • lavender – 30 g;
  • water – 750 ml.

Boil for 15 minutes, cool, strain and pour into spray gun.

Make sure that the resulting broth does not get into the eyes.

Apartment processing

How to bring fleas from a cat at home conditions

It’s best not to re-clean during the week so that preserved disinfection result

Simultaneously with the withdrawal of fleas in a cat, it is necessary clean the entire apartment. Observing sequence of actions and not forgetting about protective gloves and respiratory mask, you need to perform the following procedures:

  1. Send personal items of all family members to the laundry.
  2. On mattresses, pillows and bedspreads a good walk hang them in the sun or frost. Can be further processed steam generator.
  3. To wash the floor throughout the house by adding a disinfectant to the water means.
  4. Vacuum upholstered furniture, carpets and bookshelves.
  5. Spray flea products in the air. Are effective such drugs: Empire, Sinuan, Biorin, Effective Ultra and Chlorpyrimark. The range is 10 square meters.
  6. Leave the whole family out for two or three hours.
  7. Returning, ventilate the room (2-3 hours).
  8. Wipe all work surfaces.

In conclusion, we cannot but add that if everything is done correctly, parasites will not bother the pet for a long time after cleansing him and the living room. It’s important not to forget about prevention and treat the animal with drops or spray, especially if he likes take a walk in the fresh air. Flea collar needed regularly replace with a new one, as it has its own term actions.

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