How the parrot and the owner’s kitten were “shared”: funny video

Taiwanese videotapes two of his pets vying for master’s attention. Clarification of relations ended on a good note – friendship won.

While the owner was working at the computer, a two-month-old striped a kitten and a handsome parrot decided to fight for a particularly close place to man. Parrot, an experienced fighter and schemer, drove the baby from the table – at first he did not argue, and then he was offended and became to stand for your rights.

The author of the video says that such a turn of events of his alerted, but almost immediately it became clear: nothing bad happens, you can safely shoot the video. Cat and bird a little dived, then came to a consensus and fell asleep together on the master bed.

The cat and the parrot

Video: a parrot teaches a young cat good manners

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