How old is a dog by human standards: counting rules

Many pet owners are interested in: how to correlate their age pets with human. There are several approximate options. definitions invented by various biologists and dog handlers.


  • 1 The simplest method: a year for 7
  • 2 LeBoe’s Theory
  • 3 Kleiber’s Law

The easiest method: a year for 7

Most breeders know a 1 to 7 ratio, i.e. one The pet’s year of life is equivalent to seven human. Biologists XX centuries when calculating proceeded from middle age: people on average lived about 70 years, and dogs – 10 years.

Dog handler with a dog

The oldest dog lived in Australia – at the time of death she was 34 years, which corresponds to approximately 230 human years

But an important point was not taken into account: the difference in the growth rate human and animal. If a teenager under 7–8 years of age is still being looked after parents, in the animal kingdom, an individual who turned one year old, considered completely independent.

LeBoe’s Theory

In the mid-20th century, a veterinarian LeBoe from France created more a complex theory that takes into account the stages of development of dogs: • puberty; • maturity period; • general life span.

The ratio of the ages of man and dogs according to LeBo's theory

A two-year-old dog roughly corresponds to a 24-year-old to man


• the first year of the life of the four-legged is equivalent to 15 years of Homo Sapiens; • and every next year the dogs are equated to four years of its owner.

The downside of this theory is the fact that large dogs do not develop as representatives of dwarf breeds, small domestic dogs grow up earlier and live longer – about 3-5 years.

But in the wild, the opposite is true: in large individuals, the chances of long life is much higher.

Kleiber’s Law

The relationship of metabolic rate in dogs with their size is obvious and not in dispute. Therefore, biologists have developed tables that take into account sizes of pets. The larger the dog, the faster it is. getting old. The stages of physical development of dogs are similar. human: • puppy; • teenager; • adult dog; •”retiree”.

Different sizes of dogs

Age Matching Example: Human 78 Years equated to 10 years for large breeds or to 12 years for small dogs

After two years, the animal stops growing, and the total duration his life at home is heavily dependent on quality nutrition and care for it. Record holders noted in the Book Guinness World Records, almost reached the age of thirty age.

Develop an exact match for the dog’s age relative to age is almost impossible. It’s too hard to take everything into account factors: breed, weight, nature of the dog, his age. For a dog, this compliance is not too important. More important for the pet the attitude of the owner, as well as rich and interesting a life.

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