How are the animals of the updated zoo

Construction completed in Vladivostok Zoological Park a new site for its inhabitants. In the updated aviaries already Bears, wolves, leopards and other guests of the park settled “Garden Garden”.

The most unusual and original was the aviary for clubfoot. Visitors will be able to follow the inhabitants of the new house from two sites. Thanks to the lower tier, guests of the zoo can almost get close to the bears, and a picture is visible from the upper tier entirely. Some of the bears bathe in the pool, some play, and someone is dancing for a treat.

New platform for five bears

The new spacious house turned out to be much more convenient than the previous cells, although animals at first were wary of unusual buildings.


According to the director of the zoo “Sadogorod” Sergei Asnovin, construction dragged on a bit due to unforeseen errors the architect. And the rest, he and his wife are satisfied. Further they plan to expand the menagerie in the Nadezhda district and place on its territory are yaks, deer and birds.

Since the institution is privately owned, all The projects were implemented at our own expense.

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