How a retriever team makes life easier mistress: video

Twelve years ago, Scottish Cat Outherson moved with husband to New Zealand. The couple bought a small farm here, and in addition, they seriously started training dogs. For Kat, this the lesson became not just a hobby, but a vital necessity.

The woman showed a neurological disease, seizures which is accompanied by severe pain and weakness. In such moments she especially needs helpers even in the simplest home work. But you need to work on the farm a lot, the husband alone does not coping. A “team” of six specifically helps out trained golden retriever who willingly perform small work and thereby greatly help their mistress.

Smart Goldens actually do a lot: they are on command carry things, unload clean clothes from the washing machine, do a great job with the hose and even know how to feed farm lambs bottle milk. However, see for yourself.

Video: Golden team works

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