Horses from the Mezen River: scientists restore unique breed of horses

In the Arkhangelsk region closely engaged in restoration undeservedly forgotten mezen. This breed of horse is considered forest native and was very popular as early as the eighteenth century.

Mezen horses got their name in honor of the Mezen river, flowing in the Arkhangelsk region. Scientists believe they lead their kind from wild horses and inherited from their ancestors extraordinary stamina, good health, unpretentiousness in the content.

Universal breed can be used both as a lightweight and like a ride. This is a strong and beautiful animal with a complaisant character for many years was the pride of Pomerania, but hardly disappeared with a general loss of interest in work horses. Only thanks to local enthusiasts managed to save Mezensky breed.

Mezen horses

On the basis of the surviving gene pool, scientists of the Arkhangelsk Research Institute of Rural farms select horses with the best exterior and workers qualities. In their opinion, the mesenes will find worthy application: in modern agriculture, both in sports and in hypotherapy.

Video: Mezensky enthusiast lives in the outback Arkhangelsk breeds

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