Horses from an equestrian club in the Tyumen region burned alive

On the night of November 7, in the village of Patrusheva, a private stable.

A message about the fire was received by the emergency department at 03:40 in the morning. To place a fire service of seventeen people left who fought fire with water from a single a source located one and a half kilometers from the site of the fire.

At half past four in the morning the fire was neutralized, due to which he did not have time to spread to the adjacent buildings. But they didn’t manage to save the horses in the stable – ten animals burned alive. Nothing was left of the stable itself either.

Experts suggested that the cause of the fire was a sloppy handling of fire.

The stable was at the disposal of the Ozhogino equestrian club. Before The club authorities did not manage to get through.

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