Horse milk: in the Samara region produce koumiss

Ancient traditions of koumiss production revive in Samara area. This tasty and healthy drink is little known to us, therefore, it is difficult to sell, and koumiss spoils very quickly.

Difficulties did not stop the Shukurov brothers – very young farmers from the Bolsheglushitsky district, the first products have already been found consumers. Yerzhan and Amir cannot live without horses and love very much koumiss – such as did their grandparents. Finally and brothers turned out to realize their dream.

Mare with a foal

The “dairy herd” is still small – there are only eighteen mares in it. And all together, horses give up to forty liters of milk per day – each Compared to the performance of a burenka, this is a minuscule. But by that and koumiss is unique that you can’t buy it in every store.

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