Homeless cats have been upholstering rapids for several years Museum with the hope of getting there

The story with cats from Japan began two years ago, when in Onomiti Museum held a photo exhibition of various animals. AT that day a homeless black cat tried to hit her, but the vigilant security service did not let him in.

From that moment, a companion appeared on the black side – a red street cat. Persistent animals regularly try to get into the museum, and each time the guards escort them. Cats even looked for black exit and workarounds. Maximum mustachioed managed to get to reception desk.

Ginger cat

But black and saffron do not know defeat. And twice a week they pay a visit to their favorite museum. They’re not used to giving up despite the fact that they are always asked to leave the room.

Over time, museum guards got used to regular guests and fell in love them. They even came up with “original” nicknames – Ken and Gow Chany, that means black and red cat, respectively. And soon the administration Museum realized that this is a great advertisement for visitors. Ken Chanu and Gou Chanu got a Twitter page. And now for the confrontations in The museum is watched by thousands of people.

Museum guard with a cat

The museum went even further: they began to sell figurines of baleen art critics. Selling art albums is no longer relevant.

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