Holistic Dog Food: Health Care With taste

Holistic dog food

To provide your pets with tasty and wholesome food, many owners transfer them to holistic dog food.

This line stands out in the class of super-premium products – higher, than a premium class like Purin Pro-Plan.

This implies the use of ingredients that are suitable. for human consumption.

The lines provide both dry and wet food.

Proteins dominate in mixtures for dogs, source which is natural meat.

Cereals can also be included, but in small quantity.


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  • 2 Composition
  • 3 Pros and Cons
  • 4 Specifics
  • 5 reviews

Feed Overview

Holistic feed for dogs whose rating will be presented below are considered the best prepared rations.

For their manufacture, only high quality Ingredients.

The proportion of meat products in the composition is in the range of 50-80 percent from different manufacturers.

To provide the body with vitamins and minerals, add vegetables, fruits and berries.

Holistic dog food

Holistic class diet with duck

The following is a sample rating of feed-holistic for dogs:

  1. Acana
  2. Pronature Holistik.
  3. Belcando.
  4. Grandorf.
  5. Earthborn Holistik.
  6. Canidae.
  7. GO! Natural Holistik.
  8. Orijen.
  9. Holistik Blend.
  10. Timberwolf.

There are also wet feeds of the holistic line:

  1. Almo Nature.
  2. Evanger`s.
  3. Clan.
  4. Barking heads
  5. Animonda
  6. Applaws.
  7. Organix

All holistic-class dog foods are high quality.

However, each manufacturer has its own characteristics.

Some feeds have a high percentage of fruit. or herbs.

Others have an interesting combination of tastes.

For example, Timberwolf offers venison-based feed and lamb, bison or white fish.

Important! A distinctive feature of dry feed holistic – their balance. They provide the dog to everyone. necessary substances, therefore, specific additives are not required.


Holistic-class dog foods use a large percentage natural meat.

Most often found in chicken, turkey, lamb, lamb, as well as fish.

Most manufacturers use an abundance of fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs.

In their list:

  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Cranberry;
  • Blueberries
  • Sage;
  • Alfalfa;
  • Pumpkin;
  • Carrot.

Holistic dog food

The content of natural fiber in the feed is important

The list of ingredients cannot contain artificial preservatives, flavorings and colorings.

In holistic feeds for dogs in the ranking, not low-quality proteins and vegetable fillers are used, such as soy and corn.

Important! Holistic class ration is created on the basis of what animals eat in the natural environment. Along with proteins, they use fresh plant shoots, fruits and berries.

For example, which feeds are in the super-premium class, you can consider the composition of feed GO! Fit + Free Canadian manufacturer Petcurean.

The list of main ingredients:

  • fresh chicken meat;
  • fresh turkey meat;
  • salmon;
  • trout;
  • whole egg;
  • natural flavoring (chicken);
  • duck fillet;
  • herring;
  • chicken fat;
  • peas;
  • potatoes;
  • apples
  • salmon oil;
  • alfalfa;
  • broccoli;
  • spinach;
  • zucchini;
  • bananas
  • Blueberries
  • cranberry;
  • vitamins (including vitamins E, A, D3, B6, B12);
  • minerals (including zinc, iron, copper, manganese, calcium in different compounds).

This diet is based on four types of meat (chicken, turkey, salmon and trout) is suitable for dogs of different ages.

The diet refers to grain-free products.

Fruits are added as a source of vitamins and minerals. vegetables, berries and herbs.

Holistic dog food

Grain-free diet for dogs

Advantages and disadvantages

The benefits of holistic-class dog food can be include:

  • content of natural meat and fish rich in healthy protein;
  • balanced diet;
  • an abundance of fruits, vegetables and greens provides the body vitamins, minerals and fiber;
  • use of edible products a person;
  • lack of artificial additives and fillers that are heavy for digestion;
  • creating a diet tailored to the needs of certain groups animals;
  • suitable for animals prone to allergies.

By cons of holistic feed for dogs included in the rating, you can carry only a high price.

However, due to the nutritional value, the consumption of the mixture declining.

You can also purchase large, economical food packaging.

Then there will be funds for the purchase of the host, convenient harnessing or arrangement aviary.


Holistic-class feeds tailored to the needs of dogs different ages and breeds, when they are created, reviews are taken into account veterinarians.

Therefore, for any pet, you can choose a diet that will satisfy all his needs.

Holistic dog food

You can choose a diet for a little puppy

The following is a series of feeds of Holostic Pronatur:

  1. Pronature Holistic Puppy dry food for puppies of all breeds with chicken and sweet potatoes. Chicken meat is the main protein ingredient of this mixture. Sweet potato contains a lot of beta-carotene, which stimulates the immune system. The composition also honey is included – a source of vitamins, organic acids, and minerals. Carob fibers help improve digestion. In this a mixture specifically designed for the developing organism of the puppy, contains 47% meat. The size of the pads is optimal for milk teeth baby and helps him adapt to solid food. To stimulate immunity, yeast extract is added to the diet for puppies and chicory root.

Holistic dog food

Diet for the smallest

  1. Pronature Holistic dry food with atlantic salmon and brown rice for adult dogs aged 1 to 7 years. Salmon is the main protein component of this mixture. Brown rice serves as a source of B vitamins and natural fiber, which is important for digestion. Avocado in the diet contains a lot of vitamin E acts as a prophylaxis cardiovascular disease, obesity, problems with vision and liver. It also promotes rejuvenation and cares for sensitive skin. The feed includes green extract tea, mint and cellulose, which promote oral hygiene cavities. The properties of the mixture are maintained by the addition of tocopherol and rosemary, without the use of artificial preservatives.

Holistic dog foodThe salmon menu is good for the skin and wool

  1. Pronature Holistic dry food with duck and orange for adults dogs older than 1 year of all breeds. The main protein component of this diet – fresh duck meat. Orange contains a lot of calcium, and also vitamins A, B and C, stimulate the immune system. Chamomile in has anti-inflammatory effect, relieves anxiety and helps the digestive tract. Pad structure Helps clean teeth and keep them healthy.
  1. Pronature Holistic dry food with turkey and cranberries for adults dogs of all breeds from 1 to 7 years old. As a protein component turkey meat is present here. Cranberries are high vitamin C and flavonoids that are antioxidants. Ginger improves digestion, has anti-inflammatory properties, recommended for relieving nausea in dogs suffering from seasickness. Cinnamon contains a lot fiber, can be used in the complex treatment of diabetes.
  2. Pronature Holistic dry food for older dogs (over 7 years old) with white fish and wild canadian rice. The main protein ingredient – meat of oceanic white fish, also contains chicken. Whole grains of wild Canadian rice serve as a source B vitamins and natural fiber, which is necessary for digestion. Olive oil includes monounsaturated fats, they good for the heart. Juniper berries aid digestion prevent urinary tract diseases. Green mussels and small shrimps contain chondroitin and glucosamine, which essential for healthy cartilage and joints.

Holistic dog food

Nutrition for older dogs


The following are reviews of several dog owners about feed holistic:

Victoria, Kirov: “I heard a lot of positive Go feed reviews, and decided to buy it for her dogs. I want to note the mouth-watering smell of this hypoallergenic holistic feed. Doggies ate it with appetite. But you can not find food in all stores. ”

Olga, Moscow: “I treated my shepherd dog with food GO! and stopped on it. For these two years, I have not noted any problems with wool, there was no dandruff. The size of the granules is small, suitable for dogs of small breeds. ”

Tatyana, Moscow: “For the Yorkshire Terrier purchased Akana food with lamb and apple. To our pet, he Perfect fit, excellent canadian quality. Baby looks now much better than before, when given unknowingly cheap feed. But he doesn’t have the same food without an apple. caused. We stopped at a lamb with an apple. ”

Holistic dog food

Pets in most cases enjoy eating quality feed


The choice of diet depends on preferences and features pet.

For some, due to the characteristics of the body, only hypoallergenic feed.

And active animals like Russians and Estonian hounds prone training and agility, need increased nutritional value.

The needs of the animal differ depending on its age and size.

Holistic-class feed for dogs is presented in a wide assortment, and certainly there is a mixture that will have to pet to taste.

Holistic Dog Food: Health Care Tasteful

Holistic dog food consists of natural ingredients, a large percentage of which is fresh meat. Such a diet contains all the vitamins and minerals needed for pet development and health.

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