Holiday at the Moscow Zoo: pandas celebrated birthday

July 31 was a real holiday at the Moscow Zoo. Celebrated the day the birth of the pandas Dinding and Zhui.

The celebration was designed in the spirit of the homeland of bamboo bears – China. Zoo guests met with a procession with a paper dragon, treated with tea. Despite the cold weather, many decided to congratulate the pandas: there was no shortage of visitors. When the birthday woke up, we were able to appreciate the holiday cakes made of ice, carrots, bamboo and apples – the favorite treats of pandas. Judging by the way the bears ate food, they liked it.

The male Zhui celebrated his third anniversary, and the female Dindin – his biennium. AT Moscow Zoo, they celebrated their birthday for the first time – pandas arrived in the capital only in April 2019. In Russia they they will stay for 15 years, after which they will return to China.

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