He’s too cute: the guy couldn’t help but steal meerkat kid

The theft occurred in Australia, at the zoo in Perth. Jesse Roy Hooker, 23 years old, came with a girl to the zoo, saw a meerkat and could no longer leave without it – just put it in a backpack and carried it away home.

A month before this strange event at the Perth Zoo, a couple meerkat was born the long-awaited cub – probably the most a charming creature in the world. Baby Salam was with parents in an open-air cage, and zoo staff first thought that it was carried away by birds of prey.

Everything became clear when the police returned the loss. Thief “pierced” in boasting – he began to upload photos on social networks Salamis with their other pets, which, incidentally, a lot of him: a cat and four dogs.

Meerkat and the policeman

In his defense, Hooker could only say that he could not resist the charm of an outlandish animal. Now to him will have to pay a fine of four thousand Australian dollars. BUT Salam was returned to his parents with joy.

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