Help animals on the phone

Astrakhan plans to launch a telephone line, which make it easier for community organizations and volunteers to help in time homeless animals and animals injured at the hands of flayers or the hosts.

Recently, in a public organization of the Astrakhan region Commonwealth of Active Youth talked about plans to launch animal help hotline. Call of course there will be indifferent townspeople.

Now the line is already running. To local number 99-60-60 call any resident of the city (from 9.00 to 20.00) and inform if the animal was in trouble: it was a victim of animal tormentors, got under the wheels of a car, a disaster happened with a pet (ill, injured, fell out of the window).

In Astrakhan, opened a hotline for helping animals

Residents of Astrakhan will be able to more quickly provide assistance affected animals

After the message, volunteers will leave for the scene (free), then they will help the animal on the spot or at if necessary, they will be taken to the veterinary clinic.

Now the line works in test mode and is only available residents of the city. If the project is successful, to the help line Residents of the Astrakhan region will be able to appeal to animals.

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