Having made his way to the zoo, the drunken offender wanted pet the lion

The Daily Mail information portal reported the incident, what happened in the zoo of the city of Tegucigalpa (Honduras).

According to eyewitnesses filming what was happening, a drunk man was able to go through the protection of the park unnoticed. Passing the obstacle, he straight went to the cage with a lion. Walking closer to the predator, he decided lure the animal by waving a hand in front of it.

The frames show how the lion first sat on a stone in its aviary. Seeing an external stimulus, he went closer to the bars. fencing. At first the man removes his hand, but the intoxicated mood gives him courage, and he sticks his hand and strokes the animal.

The moment of the attack on the video did not hit. A few seconds later on the same intruder appears, only already sitting in a car with deep wounds on the arm from the bites of a big cat.

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