Grooming cats: caring for health and beauty animal

It seems like someone needs a haircut

Grooming cats is often not a whim of their owners. in most cases, cat grooming is health care but sometimes Kisun owners want to improve way their exterior. Why not?

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Haircut is necessary if the loose hair pulls together kitty’s skin, causing pain and discomfort. As a result this cat can become nervous and not let yourself be stroked


  • 1 Why do I need to cut a cat?
  • 2 How often should a haircut be done?
  • 3 What you need to know before cutting a cat?
  • 4 Types of Cat Haircuts
    • 4.1 Hygienic haircut
    • 4.2 Model haircuts
  • 5 Do-it-yourself cat grooming

Why do I need to cut a cat?

The main reason a cat needs a haircut is tricks.

They can cause serious harm to the health of the animal.

  • Firstly, stray wool pulls together the skin of the kitty, causing it pain and creating discomfort. As a result, the cat may become nervous and don’t let yourself be stroked.
  • Secondly, in the places of the formation of the warlocks, the blood flow and heat exchange. Naturally, such conditions are ideal for the reproduction of all pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Leather the animal can become very inflamed, itchy and flaky.

About what to do if a cat’s hair falls out and forms bald spots, will tell articlehttps: //

During daily licking, cats eat a lot of their hair, which can damage their digestion. To avoid problems, regular grooming of cats is necessary.

During daily licking, cats eat a lot of their wool, which can damage their digestion. To avoid problems, regular cat grooming is needed

  • Thirdly, kitty can try so hard to get rid of tricks on your own, which will hurt itself. A side effect of such zeal can also be eating large the amount of hair that gets lumpy in the stomach, causing vomiting or, even worse, clogging passages in the digestive tract. In the latter case, you cannot do without the help of a veterinarian. Also a lot of hair cat eats when it molts. During these periods also It is recommended to groom your beauty and comb her by the facilitator.
  • Fourth, due to age, the cat may not be able to take good care of the coat. In this case, the warlocks may appear literally every week, and the coat of an old kitty will look untidy.

Another reason cats are sheared is because of the different skin diseases of the animal. In some cases, grooming a cat necessary, as its owner was allergic to wool.

We also recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of hypoallergenic breeds. cats in articlehttps: //

- A haircut? No, I have not heard

– A haircut? No, I have not heard

How often should a haircut be done?

The frequency of haircuts cats, photos which can offer in the zoo, depending on the structure and length of the animal’s hair.

Longhair kitties like Persian, Siberian cats, also ragdolls and maine coons, more often need grooming than their average length cousins wool.Although the latter will be happy to throw off a fur coat during summer season. Therefore, haircuts are so popular british cats, photos of these badgers with different hairstyles just touched.

The frequency of cutting is determined by the rate of growth of wool and its knocking into wolves. On average, kitty manages to grow approximately for 3-6 months, therefore, grooming can be carried out three times in year.

- Cut me, cut me!

– Cut me, cut me!

If you want to cut the cat less often, you need it more often comb out. The zones in which they are most often formed warlocks are armpits, the area between the hind legs, behind the ears, on the neck and tail.

Some people think that grooming is optional. cut trunks on time. Yes, you can do that, but then the aesthetics of the appearance of the animal will leave much to be desired better. It’s also dangerous because the tussles are formed in areas where the skin is very delicate and can be cut if cut animal. It is sometimes quite difficult to distinguish where the skin fold ends and the cleft begins.

The owners should remember that after the haircut the structure and color of the coat can change

The owners must remember that after the haircut may change wool structure and color

What you need to know before cutting a cat?

  1. Before the show, the cat is sheared no later than six months later. You can’t cut hair with such plans.
  2. Restless cats are given muscle relaxants.
  3. After trimming, the structure and color may change. wool, but this is rare.
  4. Some kittens cannot recover their fur coat for a long time.
  5. Strictly touch the hair on the head, muzzle and ears prohibited.

The hygienic haircut of cats is shown mainly to long-haired breeds - Persians, Norwegians, Siberians, Angora, and so on. Often the procedure is carried out if the hair is very tangled, there are tangles that can no longer be combed

The hygienic haircut of cats is shown mainly long-haired. breeds – Persians, Norwegians, Siberians, Angora and so on. Often the procedure is carried out if the hair is very tangled, appeared warlocks that are already impossible to comb

Types of Cat Haircuts

Hygienic haircut

This type of grooming is also called a home haircut and shown mainly to long-haired breeds cats: Neva masquerade cats, Norwegians, Somalis, Angora and so on. Often a procedure if the wool is very tangled, tassels appear that it’s already impossible to comb.

A hygienic haircut is also needed if there are skin diseases, from which no one is safe. Therefore, it is necessary to For example, a haircut of Scottish cats. Photos and videos posted in Internet, show how this can be done best.

Hygienic haircuts are usually performed by a professional machine. with nozzle No. 3 (wool remains, 3 mm long). Such a length wool does not prick and does not cause an itch. The skin of the animal becomes plush, velor to the touch. Sometimes in especially difficult cases skin diseases of the animal there is a need to trim the cat with using nozzles No. 1 and 2.

Grooming cats is a complex process that requires the owner not only a solid hand, but patience

Grooming cats is a complex process that requires not only the owner steady hand but also patience

When hygienic haircut leave hair only on the head, legs (to the middle) and on the tip of the tail.

Important! In no case can not be completely remove wool from the tail. Cats react strangely to their bald tails and nibble them, leaving deep wounds. Smallest uncut length – 1/3 of the tip of the tail.

Model haircuts

Often the organization of such a haircut is justified by the desire emphasize the nature of the animal or make it more attractive.

Model haircuts are carried out by a nozzle on the machine No. 3, also thinning and hairdressing scissors and various combs.

The most common type of cat haircut - under the lion

The most common type of cat haircut is under the lion.

Many model haircuts can be performed on the basis of hygiene, which will allow you to achieve two goals at once – to remove the tines in certain places and create a new cat image.

That’s exactly what a cat’s haircut under a lion is when the hair is cut off from the whole body, it is left only on the head and the tip of the tail.

Interesting! As with cats, dogs are also grooming. Do haircuts like scissors and a special machine.

Haircut “Puma” is similar to “Lion” with that the difference is that the hair is left not only on the head, but also on a small part of the body.

It looks like a pussycat wearing a short furry vest

Real Puss in Boots

Real Puss in Boots

Haircut “Dragon” implies that the hair remains on the head, legs, tail and spine.

Now the hair remaining along the back and tail is cut triangles and make mohawks.

Экстравагантная стрижка "дракон"

Экстравагантная стрижка “дракон”

In model haircuts, various decorative elements on the back or sides: drawings, letters, geometric figures.

DIY cat grooming

To choose a hairstyle for your pet, you should look at the Internet, what a haircut of cats can be. Photo before and after inspire you to create a creative kitty look.

Parting with his fur coat in most cats does not go peacefully and calmly. It is necessary that someone helps to keep and calm the animal

Most cats cannot part with their fur coat. peacefully and calmly. Someone needs to help hold and calm the animal

For a haircut, you will need the following:

  • Table (often use an ironing board).
  • Special machine with nozzle number 3.
  • Hairbrush.
  • Scissors.
  • Iodine or hydrogen peroxide in case of cuts.

Most cats cannot part with their fur coat. peacefully and calmly. It is necessary that someone helps to hold and calm the animal. The helper must be on the other side work surface, put the “client” on its side, taking it by the front and hind legs, and gently but firmly press to to the table.

Cut-off beauty

Shorn Beauty

First, the fur is removed on the back, sides, and tummy. especially neat when cutting the intimate area, in the area of the nipples, underarms – cat skin is tender and prone to formation folds on the legs, you can leave the wool, just trim her scissors.

Important! A cat can growl and scream, it’s not necessarily means that she is under stress. Her “concert” aims to demoralize you. If on the second or third the day you notice some inadequacy in the behavior of the animal, consult your veterinarian.

To cut or not to cut - you decide

To cut or not to cut – you decide

So, for the sake of health and beauty, Kisuni is still worth periodically to cut her fur coat. If you do not strive for any intricate hairstyles, then similar grooming can be done independently. It remains only to find a common language with his mustachioed beauty.

Grooming cats: caring for the health and beauty of the animal

Grooming cats. Rid a cat of tricks, help her cope with skin diseases or create a new interesting image for Kisuna – All this is possible with a special haircut.

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