Grizzly attacked woman with child in usa

In a press release there was information about the grizzly attack on 37-year-old woman and her child, reports CBC News.

Yukon state investigator explains that the bodies of Valerie Teoret and her Adele Roesholt’s ten-month-old daughter was found spouse of the deceased women on the evening of Monday, November 26th.

According to preliminary data, Valerie was on maternity leave for a child and with her spouse lived in the house for about three months on the territory of Yukon near Lake Einarson. It is located in more than 400 kilometers northeast of Whitehorse, near the border between the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.

There were no men at the time of the attack. When he came back home then ran into a predator. But the man managed on time load the gun and shoot the grizzly. He later discovered his wife’s bodies. and a child.

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