Grasshoppers attacked Las Vegas: amazing video phenomenon

On the city of Las Vegas, USA, hordes of grasshoppers fell. About it On June 26, Fox 5 reported.

Partly insects completely cover the sidewalks. Specialists believe that the reason for the invasion was a combination of rainy winter and cool spring. This led to more intensive breeding. grasshoppers.

Grasshopper Trimerotropis pallidipennis

Grasshoppers attacking Las Vegas belong to the species Trimerotropis pallidipennis, in length they reach 37 mm

An abnormal phenomenon does not pose a threat to people, because these insects do not bite and do not tolerate infection. Only care must be taken drivers, as grasshoppers can reduce visibility. Preferably also close windows and doors to prevent insects from entering houses – still, it’s not very pleasant to find them in food or in bed. By forecasts, the grasshopper army will remain in Las Vegas for a few more weeks, after which it migrates to the north of the country.

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