Goose wars broke out in a quiet suburban the village:

Country idyll of a partnership with the romantic name Forest glades “in the Altai Territory was grossly violated. Between summer residents and local farmers got into conflict over the herd goose-goose geese.

A year ago in the Pervomaisky district, in close proximity to holiday village, located a goose farm in six hundred birds goals, and soon its owners bought horses, cows and a large herd goats. Since then you can only dream of peace and quiet – animals and birds walk freely in search of food surroundings.


For some reason, regular goose raids on the gardens did not please summer residents, but their claims came across the aggression of neighbors – it came to assault and damage to property. Already involved in the situation law enforcement officers and journalists. It turned out that farmers settled in the “Forest Glades” illegally: according to the cadastral no breeding is provided for on these lands farm animals and birds – only gardening and horticulture.

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