Good horses help people learn again to walk

Twenty kilometers from Vyborg is the horse kingdom – this is the name of its equestrian center Horse paradise. By almost two dozen horses walk freely in the picturesque territory, not only those who want to learn horse riding come to him, but also those who wants to regain health.

Horse paradise sessions are led by an instructor hippotherapy – people who for various reasons cannot walk, sit in the saddle or just chat with animals.

A beautiful horse

Amazing horse energy positively affects the psyche of man

It turns out that when riding a rider makes more than a hundred movements that mimic walking, which has a beneficial effect on “memory” of the musculoskeletal system. Especially useful are classes for children with cerebral palsy – they love to be in the horse kingdom. And horses willingly respond to people in return; it’s completely tame well-mannered and very positive animals.

Instructor saddles a horse

Riding a lot of their wisdom and subtleties – to comprehend they can only be with an experienced instructor

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