Goats in the country: both tasty milk and good mood

Ten years ago, the couple Kuzmin brought in a summer cottage two their first goats – so that there was fresh milk for the grandchildren. They and They could not imagine how their herd would grow during this time.

Now near Severodvinsk, in a garden partnership with a funny the name “Lots” a big herd lives on a summer cottage: five adult milk goats and a dozen different age goats. Leads with his harem an important goat named Kuzya – master’s favorite. The founders of the herd were ordinary outbred animals, but gaining experience, the owners became to breed only Saanen goats – they have high milk yield and milk without smell.

Spouses Kuzmina with herd

A rare case, but other summer residents nothing against such a neighborhood do not have: they are amazed at the hard work of the Kuzmins and willingly buy delicious milk.

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