Ginger left without lunch

A red cat with an appealing gaze quickly became popular in the internet.

The behavior of the arrogant and unceremonious possum is simply amazing. Not only did he come to someone’s house in broad daylight, but stole dinner from a red-haired host.

The cat’s reaction was obvious: with eyes asking for help, he turned to the owner. But he decided to check the cat for independence and just filmed what is happening.

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Opossum brazenly steals dinner from a cat

Master, what should I do?

A well-bred cat patiently waited for the thief to make his “dirty business”.

Many felt sorry for the cat, because he also wanted to eat. And some users admired the confidence of the possum.

“The cat could not do anything because he has paws,” – wrote one of the VKontakte Internet users.

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