Giant rabbits – breeds and photos

Not all rabbit breeds are the same, and size is what their very different from each other. Some breed small and cute, but others like big, giant rabbits. Further You will find some information on the five most popular giant Breeds of rabbits.

rabbits giants

The giant Angora rabbit is big animal. This breed is the largest of the Angora. Highly, fluffy, with a thick undercoat, this crawl will require intense daily hair care. We hope you enjoy working comb. Giant Angora rabbit – giant is also very gentle, so it is suitable for children of any age.

British giant

British giant rabbit can be seen far outside the UK. This rabbit is a giant really big, its weight is from 5 kg or more. The British giant has a good character and you definitely want to take him home to grandma. However, due to its large size need a big room. British rabbit has various shades and you can choose the one that matches your to the interior.

breeds of rabbits of giants

Checkered giant rabbit usually weighs about 5 kg and is named after its spotted coat. These rabbits especially active, so be prepared to give him enough places so he can move. Checkered Giant will also be happy hours of games with you.

rabbit giant

The giant chinchilla rabbit is a crossbreed Flemish giant and ordinary chinchilla. These rabbits usually weigh from 4 to 5 kg and often bred as a meat breed. We will not talk about meat quality, because you are probably looking for a rabbit in as a pet.

rabbits giants

Flemish Giant. This famous rabbit a giant usually weighs about 6 kg, but some individuals reach and 9-10 kg or more, and would probably fall into heavy weight in a rabbit boxing association, if one existed. Flemish the giant rabbit is an excellent pet from all sides: he has many colors, including black, blue, fawn, white and gray. This breed is the oldest of all recognized rabbit breeds. The Flemish giant will be great in its pleasant character. option for families with children.

So now you know a little more about the various giant rocks of giant rabbits. And there is only one question that remains you must ask yourself when you choose one of them: which one is still too big?

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