Geese are able to fly to great heights: experiment results

Geese turned out to be champions in flight altitude. Thanks physiological features, they are able to soar to a height Everest.

From the mid-20th century, climbers have reported reports of flying in mountains of birds. For a long time it was considered a deception, because the air at altitude is very thin.

However, now scientists have confirmed incredible evidence. AT the geese participated in the experiment: the birds were placed in wind tunnel by attaching sensors to them vital statistics. It turned out that with oxygen concentration, corresponding to rarefied air at an altitude of 5–9 km, frequency heartbeats and the number of flapping wings remain the same as usually.

Scientists cannot yet definitely say what exactly allows the body of geese function normally in extreme conditions, but this is undoubtedly associated with metabolism.


Geese fly to wintering and nesting sites, usually occur at night at high altitude

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