Games about dogs: virtual friendship and care

If you are interested in dogs, then it’s quite logical that in your leisure, too, with interest and curiosity remember your faithful friends and enjoy playing dog games. Modern the computer world offers a variety of options for such games:

  • developing
  • brain teaser,
  • action games
  • for children and adolescents,
  • for one and two players,
  • dog games for girls, boys and many others species, where the main character is a dog.

The games about dogs presented below will be interesting mainly to young gamers

The games about dogs presented below will be interesting in mostly young gamers

And in virtual reality, dog games serve and help faithfully to your friends, people to pass the time or spend it in pleasant occupation of caring for a cute pet puppy, or train your logic and attention in search of a hidden dog, or maybe – save the world with a true friend. Games about dogs always free can be found on the Internet, but among a wide variety at times it’s hard to choose what really interests you.

We offer a review of 10 interesting computer games about dogs, with dogs and about dogs for gamers of all ages.

Color your favorite characters - this is a game not only about dogs, but also about other animals

Color Your Favorite Characters is not just about dogs, but also about other animals

Great colorful game for kids – “Color their favorite characters. “(Nick Jr. Coloring Book). Here you can practice simple and neat coloring. famous cartoon hero Ryder and puppies. Coloring a lot, colors juicy, bright. Heroes like to be painted and they emotionally respond with gratitude. The kid may not only paint at your discretion your favorite heroes, but also along the way Get to know many colors and shades. Logic games – this is a type of game that can be interesting to both small and adults, depending on the design and conditions of the game itself.

A game  "Найди 5 отличий"

Игра “Найди 5 отличий”

The game “Find 5 Differences” is undoubtedly will cause interest among fans to exercise their attention and memory: here you need to find differences in photos of dogs. The game is interesting in that photos of dogs are offered different – you can get acquainted with the rocks, and the task seems easy only at first glance: from picture to picture you need become more attentive, able to concentrate, so that find differences quickly. This game can captivate even an adult.

Еще один представитель списка "Игры про собак" - "Водопровод Догвилль"

Еще один представитель списка “Игры про собак” – “ВодопроводДогвилль”

Another interesting logical game that can captivate players of any age except the smallest – “Waterfall Dogville.” A flock of dogs is very wants to drink, but the water supply is broken, the player needs as much as possible faster, being smart and quick-witted, eliminate everything trouble and drink the dogs.

Games about dogs and puppies will be mostly interesting for little ones gamers. In such games you can learn to care for your beloved pet puppy, know his needs, help him recover, if sick.

Игра "Уход за собакой"

Игра “Уход за собакой”

One such game is Dog Care. The owner of the puppy must constantly take care of him, protect that it’s not so easy. It is really very responsible and painstaking work, sometimes not even very pleasant. But all the efforts will be rewarded: with proper care your pet will answer you love, joyful mood and devotion. With each new it’s becoming harder to take care of a dog’s level – after all, a puppy is growing. Such a game will help children feel the responsibility which occurs when they have a small ward puppy. Perfectly helps to understand the basics of caring for a dog and try yourself in the role of a caring and attentive host.

Игры про собак пополняет интересный экземпляр флеш-игры "Cleaning  дома" с собачкой Доли

Игры про собак пополняет интересный экземпляр флеш-игры “Уборкаhome “with dog Dolly

And here is another great game with a dog, which is not only helps to instill a love of order, learn to maintain it, but also will train attention and memory. “Уборкаat home “- a mini-game that invites you to help dear hardworking puppy dolly clean up the room. While the puppy is sweeping, within 120 seconds you need to have time to clean the bedroom: collect garbage, wipe dust and dirty stains on the floor, sweep cobwebs, spread out things. Moreover, cleaning must be done in a certain order, otherwise nothing will work, and the level will have to be re-run. Играbright, colorful, with a pleasant musical accompaniment.

"Розыск домашних животных" - найди запрятанных любимцев

“Розыск домашних животных” – найди запрятанных любимцев

“The search for pets.” Let’s play in detective story. An experienced pet tracing agent has never have to sit around: pets are always somewhere disappear or hide, and poor owners cannot find them. Good still that pets do not hide far and an experienced eye a detective who carefully inspects the territory will always find fluffy tails or ears, curious noses or tails. Time does not wait and after dark the search becomes more complicated! The game is excellent framed with great music and sound.

Games about dogs and cats are some of the funniest, most entertaining and plain at first glance. But this is only the beginning: with each level, you need to show more effort, ingenuity and attention, to go him. It is generally believed that a cat with a dog cannot to live together, and, of course, this must be remembered.

Помоги встретиться собачке и кошечке в игре "Соединяя сердца"

Помоги встретиться собачке и кошечке в игре “Соединяясердца”

Logical-romantic game “Connecting hearts “allows you to help connect cats in love and dogs. Need to lead through the cat’s obstacles – to the charming cat, and a brave dog – to a cute dog. The main thing is not to mix it up, because if a cat meets a dog, fights cannot be avoided! To help maybe a magic sausage, for such a delicious bait the character is ready to go to the ends of the world is a reliable means. Important to think through every step and don’t run into trouble. Generally games for girls about dogs – a very common and diverse category computer games. There are games in the veterinary clinic, and care for cute puppies, and those who need to be dressed cute dog, transform the poor fellow puppy picked up on the street. As a rule, these games are very colorful, vibrant, detailed traced. Little princesses can play in them, taking care of your favorite.

Игра для мальчиков "Собака-разрушака"

Игра для мальчиков “Собака-разрушака”

And this shooter game will appeal to the boys. The “dog of destruction” – it is she – rescue dog from Mars – ready to destroy insidious plans Dr. Harm and save the Earth from imminent death. She moves on a special machine and can deftly shoot weapons at scary robots and street punks who constantly attack on her life.

Логическая игра "Обмен питомцами"

Логическая игра “Обмен питомцами”

Another logical game, somewhat reminiscent of such popular Angry Birds – Exchange pets “(Pet Swap). She will make you think players of any age to get rid of the evil scary dog and leave a cute cat. It takes a maximum of quick wits, since there are not many attempts, and with each level the situation complicated.

A very popular and interesting series of games with the famous dog Scooby Doo, who investigates mysterious cases, gets into the most incredible adventures or just snowboarding. But, perhaps even office workers will like it.

A popular card game with illustrations from Scooby Doo

A popular card game with illustrations of Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo Solitaire Solitaire). Sometimes even to such an energetic and tireless dog as Scooby Doo wants to take a break from adventure, chases and worries. A solitaire over a cup of tea or coffee is perhaps a beautiful view. recreation.

Of course, basically all computer games about dogs are made for children and are designed to develop attention, logic or show and support the development of a good attitude towards the animal. But different rpg and story games can be interesting even for adults to pass the time or distract from everyday worries.

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