Fyr-fyr means satisfied

According to RuNews24, scientists from France have revealed a funny pattern in the behavior of horses. Turned out to be their snort indicates that the animal is experiencing positive emotions in this moment.

As the researchers explain, horses make different sounds they want convey to the person some information. For example, snorting with nostrils, they show that they feel good, they experience positive emotions and are satisfied.

In order to identify this pattern, French scientists conducted an experiment. 48 stallions were taken and divided into groups – according to 24 horses in each. Researchers drove one group of horses into stalls, brought food, water, but isolated from communication with others horses, from communicating with people and from walking in nature.

The horses are lying

In open space and while caring, horses feel yourself better than in closed stalls

Another group of horses created conditions similar to natural. They were allowed to ride a lot in nature, to be in the herd, talking with each other, feel the will and spaciousness.

In the second group, scientists during the experiment recorded about 560 sniffs, while the subjects of the first group all this For a while they stood dumbly in their isolated stalls.

Researchers noted that all snorts were issued by horses in those moments when they were as good as possible: these are moments of walks on pasture, feeding, care, finding the herd in the open space.

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