Fugitives from an Argentinean prison landed right in paws for guard dogs

In Buenos Aires (Argentina), seven prisoners organized jailbreak Florencio Varela. But the project failed: policemen with service dogs were already waiting for the fugitives.

The bandits convicted of robbery. Accomplices served time together and re-educated in the carpentry workshop. They decided to take advantage of the workers. tools to dig under the will. Conceived moving slowly, but finally, a two-meter tunnel was ready.

A man gets out of the dig

Fugitives solemnly met by the guard with dogs

To the great disappointment of the sitters, at the exit behind the wall they were immediately arrested again and put back in the camera. As it turned out, prison service dogs have long been sniffed out the place of the secret passage and showed it to the guard. The leadership of the correctional institution with great interest watched the underground work of the team of “joiners” and did not interfere with them move on to the dream.

Now the terms of loser runaways will increase significantly – to of this episode, most of them were supposed to go free of everything in two years.

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