Front Line for Cats: All About Tick Remedies and flea


Front Line for Cats is a series of medications that allow protect the animal from fleas and ticks.

But, before using them, you need to carefully read precautions, conditions of use and possible the consequences.

Some believe that since their cat does not walk on the street, she protected from pests like fleas and ticks.

The judgment is wrong: after all, a domestic cat, absolutely any breeds (e.g. munchkin, Persian or Cornish Rex) may catch this infection.

Therefore, it is important to ensure an effective and maximum long-term pet protection.

This can be done through acquisition. collar, which, unfortunately, is not always like cat.

A more convenient method is the processing of special drugs, in particular Front Line products for cats.


  • 1 Frontline – what is it?
  • 2 Variety of products for cats
  • 3 Indications for use
  • 4 How to use Frontline drugs?
  • 5 Precautions and contraindications

Frontline – what is it?

On e of the common tools that provide such protection against fleas and other pests, is Frontline Spray and drops.

This series includes drugs to protect cats, dogs and even ferrets.


A safe area to handle is between two shoulder blades

Important! More than half cases, owners do not notice that the pet is infected. Therefore the question about real-time protection is so relevant.

The drug has an insecticaricidal effect.

The main component of drops for cats Front Line affects the central nervous system insects: blocks excitatory receptors and the possibility of transmission nerve impulses.

As a result, parasites become paralyzed.


When there are several pussies at home, it is not known which caught the parasites first. Need to handle all without exceptions

The main advantages that Front Line has from cats and fleas, the following can be distinguished:

  • within one day, all pests that are on the body pet will be eliminated;
  • when applying the product only once, the pet will be fenced over a long period of time;
  • no matter what breed of cat you have, front line from fleas and ticks absolutely safe;
  • Affordable price for Frontline for cats.

A variety of products for cats

Merial releases the following protection products. purring pets:

  • Front Line Spot He;
  • Frontline combo for cats;
  • Front Line Spray.

You can buy these products at any pet store.

Frontline spot On

Front Line Spot He is a “classic” protection against fleas and ticks.

Represents drops intended for topical application.

The fluid accumulates in the sebaceous glands and then along with the secret enters the skin. This provides continuous protection. within one month.


Spot eyedropper It is blue, and Combo is green


  • fipronil – 10 ml;
  • butylhydroxytoluene – 0.01 g;
  • ethanol – 10 ml;
  • butylhydroxyanisole – 0.02 g;
  • excipient – up to 100 ml.

Drops for cats Frontline can be used from 2 months of life animal and with a body weight of 1 kg.

After one application, for the pet you can be calm in for a long time: the drug will still act month.

Moreover, this drug can even be used pregnant cats.

Frontline Combo

Frontline Combo for cats is a drop that used externally.

Compared to the above Frontline Spot On, it is reinforced option.

This product acts on insects in direct contact and does not enters the body of an animal.

After the liquid is applied to the withers, drops for 24 hours spread throughout the body of the pet.


This is what Frontline Combo for cats looks like


  • fipronil;
  • S-metoprene;
  • polysorbate;
  • polyvidone.

Frontline Combo for cats can also be used for ferrets.

Within a day after applying the drops, fleas die, and in within 48 hours – ticks.

Characteristics of long action:

  • flea barrier for 1.5 months;
  • elimination of eggs and larvae up to 1.5 months;
  • elimination of ticks for a period of up to 1 month.

Another difference Frontline Combo for cats from Frontline Spot It is water resistant.

That is, 48 hours after the application of the protective product of the pet You can safely bathe.

If washing occurs more often than twice a month, then apply a remedy is needed more often: every three weeks.

Frontline spray

Front line spray is designed to protect the smallest kittens and puppies.

It can be used from the second day of the pet’s life.

In pet stores, it is available in two forms of packaging: 100 and 250 ml

Important! Front line spray has one an important advantage over drops: with it the animal is protected from the moment the coat is completely dry. With drops the same barrier formed during the day.


The company produces sprays in 100, 250 and 500 ml

Frontline Spray is recommended for:

  • dogs of small breeds with a mass of not less than 2 kg;
  • puppies and kittens up to 2 months of age;
  • smooth-haired cat breeds (Bengal, Burmese, Russian blue and others);
  • animals that have an allergic reaction to the drug in in the form of drops.

Depending on the volume of the spray, the processing rate is achieved different number of clicks.

For 1 kg of animal weight you need 6-12 clicks of a 100 mm spray or 2-4 clicks of 250 mm.

Indications for use

Every cat or dog owner is aware that ticks can cause serious illnesses and even fatal cases.

Therefore, it is so important to have Front Line Spot or Front Line at hand. combos for cats that will get rid of insects in the coming day.


And we will treat you too!

According to the instructions, these products can be used for:

  • elimination of temporary insect parasites – fleas;
  • ixodid ticks and highlite;
  • beetle eaters;
  • lice;
  • preventive goals.

How to use Frontline drugs?

Use drugs carefully, because if the cat licks the area where the drug was applied, it can end with poisoning and gastric lavage.


If the kitten often itches, you need to immediately carry it processing

The instructions for use prescribe the following rules use:

  • One pipette – single treatment.
  • for treating ear mite drops for cats Fronline must be applied directly to the auricle. AT each ear drips 4-6 drops, after which the auricle fold in half and massage a little at the base. This is done so that the product is better distributed.
  • Drops for cats Frontline must be applied strictly in a certain area – in the area between the shoulder blades. Exactly there the animal cannot reach when licking. Spreading the fur, you need squeeze the tool.
  • When processing an animal with Front Line spray, it is necessary pre-calculate the number of clicks depending on the mass body and volume bottle of remedy.
  • In the first two days, swimming is not recommended, as this may decrease effectiveness.
  • If there are several cats in the house, processing should not be selectively, and to all individuals at once.
  • For very small kittens use a spray, and from 2 months you can take drops.

Customer reviews indicate that on average 3 weeks is enough to completely eliminate the problem parasites.

In some cases, when there is a struggle with imago and the preimaginal phases of insect development may be required double term (i.e. approximately 6 weeks).


Swim only two days after treatment!

Some owners are nervous if it has passed since processing more than a day, but insects on the body of the animal are visible to the naked the eye.

In the event that Front Line fleas in a cat have not disappeared during 21 days, this means that re-infection has occurred.

This could happen from other animals in the house or on the street, and also due to the presence of eggs and insect pupae in bedding, carpets, on upholstered furniture.

The maximum time for which the manufacturer guarantees full getting rid of parasites is three months.

Precautions and contraindications

After using the spray and drops for Front Line cats, owners are advised to follow some measures precautions. Namely:

  • after application, you need to wash your hands thoroughly;
  • within half a day the infected animal should not contact with other cats, dogs;
  • used sprays and pipettes should not be used (their need to be disposed of);
  • keep babies out of cats that have been processed drug less than 12 hours ago;
  • if the expiration date is over, use recommended.

According to the manufacturer, side effects and There are no contraindications in a series of preparations for cats.


Processing again? Well … I’ll fix it

But, in individual individuals, individual intolerance to the drug or its individual component.

In this case, the animal must be washed immediately.

To eliminate an allergic reaction, an antihistamine is given means.

Do not treat sick animals.

Frontline spray and drops for cats can protect pets from pests.

But, like any other medication, they require a clear compliance with the instructions for use, as well as some measures precautions.

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Front Line for Cats is a series of medications that allow protect the animal from fleas and ticks. But before using them, you must carefully read the precautions, conditions application and possible consequences.

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